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Hardap Freight Services free essay sample

Hardap Freight Services (hereafter referred to as HFS) is a small/medium enterprise, registered as a closed corporation, providing superior courier logistics through a network of standardized service points. Their head office is situated in Windhoek, but they have regional offices in Karibib, Swakopmund, Walvisbay, Ondangwa, Rundu, Tsumeb, Grootfontein, Mariental and Keetmanshoop. HFS is currently one of many courier companies offering overnight logistical services throughout the country, additional to a high quality service, they pride themselves in delivering that service on a daily basis and guarantees delivery times to their customers. HFS has been in operation since 2006, but was bought by Mr. Gert Liebenberg in 2009 and has been operated under new management since then. A second member recently bought into HFS, specifically focusing on and developing the administration side of the business. HFS has a staff complement of 30 employees. The company currently has two departments only, namely Operations and Administration. Under the Administration department the financial, administration and human resources functions are managed and the Operational department is responsible for the entire logistical function, including warehouse management. We will write a custom essay sample on Hardap Freight Services or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Map, indicating main daily routes and the location of the HFS branches. Hardap Freight Services Page 3 2. SWOT Analysis 2. 1 Strengths HFS is registered as a closed corporation, which means the company has a legal personality of its own. This allows the company to obtain finances for potential future growth and development of the business. HFS is currently the only courier service delivering the main daily newspapers, namely The Namibian, The Republikein, the Namibian Sun and the Algemeine Zeitung by a specified delivery time throughout the country on a daily basis. In addition to this, they offer door-to-door parcel deliveries countrywide. As stated by Mr. Liebenberg, HFS has a few exclusive contracts signed with big companies, such as The Namibian, House of Wines and Justine Beauty Products. This allows them to offer more competitive pricing, as the day-to-day operational expenses are carried by the fixed term contracts. HFS has been in existence for 6 years already and is a well-established company with experience in the field of small/medium parcel logistics. The fact that they have established branches throughout the country in all major towns and serving all major routes throughout the country, allows them to build a vastly spread customer base and commitment from communities throughout the country. Confirmed by Mr. Liebenberg, the growth that the company has shown over the past year is a clear indication that the services HFS offer, are well in demand. The industry norm for freight management growth, according to Third Party Logistics (3PLs), is 15% and can be considered to be between 15% and 20% in countries like Asia and the United States of America. (Third Party Logistics, 2010). â€Å"HFS, in relation to this growth trend, has shown a 39% increase in turnover, year on year†, Mr. Liebenberg confirmed. To summarize the strengths, one could say that HFS is committed to delivering an excellent service to their customers, thus having the slogan: investment†. â€Å"Where service is an SWOT Analysis – Hardap Freight Services Page 4 2. 2 Weaknesses HFS does not have a Marketing strategy or department focusing on advertising their services or develop special promotions for customers. The company does not focus on Customer Relationship Management (CRM), nor has any customer retaining strategies in place. HFS does not capitalize on the use of technology in comparison with their competitors. Logistics industry trends indicate that in the years to come the following factors, which guide the logistics industry is reckoned to strengthen further. The factors facilitating the effective functioning of the logistics industry are integration, confederations, technology, legislation and globalization. † (Third Party Logistics, 2010). The company has no proper organization structure and line of authority, allowing each employee to report to different individuals on different matters and in certain instances reporting directly to the owner of the business. This causes employees to be confused on when to report to whom and since there is no direct line of report/authority; it also complicates performance management and proper individual and departmental goal setting. HFS also experience challenges in the maintenance of their fleet, as well as obtaining more vehicles and strengthening their fleet, as stated by Mr. Liebenberg. Thus the company cannot focus on expanding the type of services offered to the public and become a preferred service provider, offering a bigger variety of services than their competitors. This unfortunately does not only limit them with regards to expansion opportunities, but also with regards to delivering a superior quality service to their current customers – especially if vehicles break down and they don’t have sufficient fleet backup. Through the interview with Mr. Liebenberg, it has become clear that the management of HFS tends to distrust their employees, believing they must be controlled, directed to perform and threatened with punishment very much based on McGregor’s Theory X principle, according to Stuart Crainer when he refers to McGregor’s The Human Side of Enterprise. The Ultimate Business Library). SWOT Analysis – Hardap Freight Services Page 5 This unfortunately leads to employees acting according to the way they are treated, having an â€Å"I don’t care† attitude and ultimately abusing or misusing company assets for their own benefit. This could lead to the company having to compromise on their promised quality of service. The confirmed cash flow challenges that the company is experiencing, according to Mr. Liebenberg, might lead to the company not being able to offer attractive salary packages, hence not being able to attract reliable and committed staff or alternatively spending money in the right places, like maintenance of fleet, for example. The lack of a benchmarking strategy contributes to the lack of a Vision and Mission statement and SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound) strategic goals/objectives. HFS pretty much run on a day-to-day principle instead of having a clear long term objective in which they don’t only concentrate on the idea of â€Å"one day become like Nampost† (according to Mr. Liebenberg), but rather incorporate specific goals, human resources plan, marketing strategies and best practices to ensure sustainable business development and financial growth. SWOT Analysis – Hardap Freight Services Page 6 2. 3 Opportunities During recent years we have seen an increase in logistical businesses in the country focusing specifically on transportation of goods via freight services. One of the reasons for this mushroomed growth could be contributed to the expansion and development of the Port of Walvis Bay. Along with the increase in the goods being imported and exported to countries like Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Angola, logistical services, and specifically freight services offer huge promises to entrepreneurs. Due to the legislative requirements, as well as the level of technical, practical and business knowledge required to run a successful logistical department or section, combined with the costs involved in running such an operation, companies started to outsource logistical needs to other companies that do not only focus on logistics, but can deliver a cost effective service. HFS focuses on exactly that – delivering a cost effective logistical solution to companies like The Namibian newspaper, Justine Beauty Products, Democratic Media Holdings and House of Wines. The opportunity would exist in marketing this service to other companies that currently still do their own distribution, such as other daily and weekly newspapers in the country, as well as companies like Office Economics, Waltons and MTC, to name a few. HFS’s success is mostly contributed to the fact that they cover the entire Namibia on a daily bases. They offer guaranteed delivery times and therefore became the preferred logistical service provider for industries specializing in fast moving goods. The opportunity would be to market themselves on this strength and build further on the opportunities that exist with other companies needing the same type of logistical services. Further opportunities in the current business environment that HFS can capitalize on for expansion are:  §? to market HFS through local media, making the extent and quality of their services known to the business industry and the public throughout the country. Another means of marketing could be the use of technology and an extensive Customer Relationship Management program (CRM program), defining strategies to retain the current customer base and build a bigger customer base at the same time SWOT Analysis – Hardap Freight Services Page 7  §? making their services known to students at the various educational institutions, through either offering in-service training opportunities or inviting students to do projects, based on the business. This allows them to strategically focus on future marketing opportunities, considering that that the students of today will be the employees and employers of tomorrow who could potentially make use of the company’s services in future.  §? possibly expanding their business through implementing a proper warehousing strategy and potentially providing storage facilities for clients who have goods in transit.  §? capitalizing on the advantages presented by technological breakthroughs. This is a huge opportunity that HFS is currently not focussing on. There are so many logistical systems to choose from, as well as warehousing management systems to be investigated and potentially implemented. And of course technology could not only be used to improve control and management of a company, but to market a company to current and potential new clients. None of these are currently in place or considered at HFS, and therefore could be seen as perhaps an opportunity, turning into their biggest weakness if not explored and implemented. Most successful companies have either a cost strategy or a differentiation strategy, or perhaps a combination of the two in order to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage. Both these strategies will be discussed under the section covering the competitive advantages of HFS. To summarize, HFS should not only use their current strengths in the context of these two strategies, but also ensure to build on those strengths, allowing them the opportunity to remain on top of their game. SWOT Analysis – Hardap Freight Services Page 8 2. 4 Threats HFS is but one of a minimum of 20 companies in Namibia, offering the same type of logistical services. Some of the bigger companies, such as Nampost, DHL, Formula and Parcel Force offer logistical services to international destinations as well – something that HFS is not currently doing or considering for the near future, according to Mr. Liebenberg. As mentioned above under â€Å"Opportunities†, the need for logistical services is becoming increasingly high due to the Walvisbay Port expansion, which proves to be an instigation point for other individuals to start offering the same type of services, increasing the competition in this field. A lot of logistical companies start to capitalize on technology, focusing on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and developing methods of not only retaining the existing customer base, but improving services in order to grow their customer base – attracting other logistical companies’ customers with more inviting and rewarding services. It has been noted by Mr. Liebenberg that HFS currently has difficulty in controlling and managing its cash flow, which makes it a potential high risk company with regards to financing future endeavors. Employee turnover is fairly high and employees speak about staff dissatisfaction openly. They lost 14 staff members over the two past years. Currently no exit interviews are done; therefore no justified reasons were given for the staff turnover and therefore no measures could be put in place to address potential weaknesses within the organization. Fuel has increased by 15% over the past year. Considering that this company travels approximately 185 000 km’s per month to deliver the services to their customers, this increase has huge effects on their expenses. These expenses should therefore be managed very carefully in order to ensure that the company does not run into potential financial problems. SWOT Analysis – Hardap Freight Services Page 9 3. Competitive Advantages †A competitive advantage is an advantage over competitors gained by offering consumers greater value, either by means of lower prices or by providing greater benefits and service that justifies higher prices. † (Competitive advantage: Tutor2u. net) Michael Porter proposed four advantage-gaining strategies that could be used within a business. These strategies are based on the scope of business activities, specifically referring to a â€Å"narrow† versus â€Å"broad† area of focus, as well as the extent to which a business focuses on the differentiation of their products/services delivered. Herewith the four strategies: (Competitor advantage: Tutor2u. net) SWOT Analysis – Hardap Freight Services Page 10 â€Å"Strategy Differentiation This strategy involves selecting one or more criteria used by buyers in a market and then positioning the business uniquely to meet those criteria. This strategy is usually associated with charging a premium price for the product (service) often to reflect the higher production (service) costs and extra value-added features provided for the consumer. Differentiation is about charging a premium price that more than covers the additional production (service) costs, and about giving customers clear reasons to prefer the product (service) over other, less differentiated products. Strategy Cost Focus Here a business seeks a lower-cost advantage in just a small number of market segments. The product will be basic perhaps a similar product to the higher-priced and featured market leader, but acceptable to sufficient consumers. Such products are often called metoos. † (Michael Porter, Competitive advantage: Tutor2u. net) Based on our research, HFS’s competitive advantage could be defined within these two strategies specifically. Firstly, HFS has the fixed term, exclusive contracts with companies such as The Namibian, Democratic Media Holdings and Justine Beauty Products, which differentiate them from their rivals, who do not focus on fixed term contracts. HFS, opposed to other logistical service providers, offers a unique service by transport goods daily throughout the country and in addition to this guarantee delivery times to their customers. Based on HFS’s differentiating strategy, they could also implement a cost focus strategy, as the operating expenses are mostly covered by the fixed term contracts that they have in place. price. This allows them to offer more competitive prices to their other day-to-day customers in Namibia, based on the fact that they offer a premium service at a premium SWOT Analysis – Hardap Freight Services Page 11 4. Findings When presented with the opportunity to do a SWOT analyses, we chose HFS as a suitable company to do this analysis on for two main reasons: a) In the field of logistics and the huge opportunities presented in this field lately, it can be seen as the new playing field for entrepreneurs and since most of us are studying Logistics and Supply Chain Management, we placed our focus on this field; b) We believe HFS is a logistical company with huge potential because of the fact that big companies such as The Namibian, Democratic Media Holdings and Justine Beauty Products decided to enter into fixed term contracts with them. It was of interest to us to know whether HFS uses the opportunities presented to them through these contracts to increase their market share. Therefore, looking into depth at the internal strengths and weaknesses of the company, as well as the opportunities and threats presented by the external environment, we found the following: Strengths †¢ The company guarantees delivery times, which allows them to focus on a differentiation strategy. HFS has fixed term contracts, which covers the day-to-day operational expenses. This allows them to focus on a cost strategy to make their services cost effective †¢ HFS has been in existence for 6 years and has a legal entity of its own, which should contribute towards allowing this company to obtain financial assistance much easier than a newly established company †¢ HFS is currently showing good turnover growth

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Philosophy of Education

Philosophy of Education Free Online Research Papers The philosophy of education is individual to each person and their particular insights. The philosophy of education generally addresses: the role of the teacher, the role of the students, and the role of learning in general. Each of these areas is very important for a soon to be teacher. Upcoming teacher should have a pretty firm idea of what their beliefs are about each of the above listed three areas. Therefore, as an upcoming teacher I will be sharing my views and beliefs on each of the three areas. The role of the teacher is a very important one that goes past what many people may think. I firstly think the main role of the teacher is to be at a school as an educator of whatever subject they are teaching and to have adequate knowledge in that content area. The teacher must be able to effectively communicate the information on the subject matter to their students in a way that the students will be able to comprehend and recall or perform that subject knowledge in the future. Past just teaching content in a subject area, teachers are also â€Å"life teachers†. Teachers may not always realize it initially, but they are huge role models in their students’ lives. Students are around their teachers for about 8 hours of the day. Sometimes that is more time than the students may see their parents/guardians. So whether or not teachers want or choose to be a role model in their students’ lives, they are. This means while at school teachers should exhibit professional , mature, attributable characteristics that will set a model for how the students should act now and in their future. In addition but very similar to just being a role model, is the role of a teacher being a life coach. Teachers are also unexpectedly thrown into this role. Throughout the career of teaching you will come into experience with many students that have really had someone to help guide them in their life. This often makes you as a teacher become their life coach since you are someone that they spend many hours with each day. Therefore teachers need to provide care, trust, security, love, and respect to their students without prejudice. You never know what each student is going through, so even if a student’s life may seem perfect, it could actually being crashing down without you knowing. This is why you cannot jump too quickly to stereotypes or conclusions when you are â€Å"judging† your students. I believe the main roles of the teacher are: to communicate subject knowledge effectively to their students, to be role models to their students, and to also be life coaches to their students. Another important part of the philosophy of education is the role of the student. The role of the student in the philosophy of education is a huge one. Each student will play a different role in the educational process, but the role of students in general is crucial for you to have a firm belief on to be able to effectively be able to teach individual student who will have their own separate beliefs about their role in the educational system. I believe the main role of the student is their willingness and desire to learn. Many students in school may not admit it, but they are there because they want and have a desire to learn in order for them to grow as an individual. Students also must want to learn in order to be able to learn. What I mean by this is that if a student is resistant to learning and does not care about learning then they most likely will not learn. They will be the student who rebels and does not pay attention in class and is usually causing trouble because they do n ot have a desire to be in the classroom. Another very important role or characteristic of the student is respect for their teacher. A student must be respectful of their teacher and also their fellow classmates in order to be able to learn. If there is no respect then the student will not want to pay attention to you as a teacher and will be disruptive to other students who are trying to learn therefore you must give them respect and you must gain their respect. Yet another role of the student is the role of socialization. Students are in an educational system to learn not only content knowledge but also to gain real world skills such as socialization. Each day students go through many different interactions between friends, teachers, administrators, and sometimes other school officials such as the nurse or guidance counselor. Each time a student has one of these interactions, it teaches them further socialization skills. The way people react to that person socializing with them wil l mold the future actions of the interactions with others. Such as, if a student comes up to another student and compliments them on the shirt they are wearing and they receive a response such as: â€Å"thank you!† then that originally student is encouraged by the positive response to continue to compliment others in the future. Let’s say the student receiving the compliment though responded this way instead: â€Å"Ewww I hate this shirt, I can’t believe you think it’s cute, you must have no fashion taste!†, then the original student will be discouraged from giving people compliments in the future and they will feel down about themselves because they will then think they have no fashion sense. This demonstrates how every interaction influence how we will act in the future. The last important role I believe that students have is the role of students as fellow â€Å"teachers† to their classmates. It is amazing how much students can sometimes g et something across to another student that a teacher may not have been able to. Most of the time students in a classroom are at different levels of learning, some higher than others. In this case, the higher level students will also be able to be teachers to their fellow classmates. Even students at the same level can be teachers to their classmates as well. Programs at schools are being implemented to improve and encourage this role of the student. At Springfield School District 186 in Springfield, IL there is a program called AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) that specifically targets this skill. On Tuesdays and Thursdays college mentors come into the classroom to assist in a program where students come into groups with questions while their fellow classmates in their groups guide a student through their original question to help them to achieve the answer without just giving it to them. This is a great example of the students’ role as being â€Å"teachersâ €  to their fellow classmates. I believe the four main roles of a student are: the role of the student to have a desire to learn, the role of being a respectful student towards teachers and fellow classmates, the role of socialization within the school, and the role of students as fellow teachers. The last major part of the philosophy of education is the role of learning. Many people ask why we should learn. My answer would be: for each of us to grow as individuals and therefore be a better, well informed, functioning member of society. Learning is a vital part of each person’s life. The formal educational system aids greatly in this area. Through formal education, many different things are learned in many different content areas, but also as I discussed earlier, sometimes in school you will also learn other important â€Å"life lessons†. Learning throughout your life never stops. Usually every day, whether or not we are in a formal school setting, we learn something new that we did not know previously. I also believe we learn as a survival instinct. When we are first born, there are things we must learn how to do in order to be able to survive. This could also be true to formal schooling in a way. In order to survive in the corporate world, you must continually be one step ahead of your competition, so you must constantly be striving to learn more about your career and your industry. Another reason I think we learn is to keep our brains occupied. Our brains are constantly striving for information. If we never learned anything new, we would get very bored and would be driven to learn more or to learn something new. There are many different reasons people could come up with for why we should learn, but mine is very basic. I believe we should learn in order to continuously grow as individuals and to be a better, well informed, functioning member of society. Each person’s beliefs and views about the philosophy of education will be very individualized. The philosophy of education generally addresses: the role of the teacher, the role of the student, and the role of learning in general. Each of these areas encompasses many different functions. For anyone who is an up and coming teacher, it is very important for you to be confident in and aware of your beliefs about each of the three areas in the philosophy of education. I as an up and coming teacher believe I have clearly demonstrated my confidence and awareness of my beliefs about each of the areas. Knowing my beliefs and being confident in them will surely help me once I do enter a school system as a teacher. Being confident in my beliefs will help me in order to be able to be an effective teacher, know my students role while at school, and to be able to communicate why the role of learning is so important. 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Features of an Effective Total Rewards Program Essay

Features of an Effective Total Rewards Program - Essay Example Total rewards program, that is explained in this essay ensures that employees get paid according to their performance. Also, fair payment means that employees get the best value for the work that they do. Equitable payment relates to the ranks of the employees and so it should match their interests according to the organization structure. This essay is focused on a total rewards plan creation. Benefits that employees get should be competitive and should meet their personal needs. Author states that this can be achieved by offering economically feasible benefit plans that meet their needs at personal level. Rewarding also should be done in a fair way. Efforts made by employees to attain a certain goal should be recognized, this can be done by having a rewarding and recognition system that satisfies the employees. Also, the expectations of employees to grow and succeed should be met by the highly managed plan and high-qualified managment. Equity and fairness in payments for both genders, that are defined in this essay can be determined by communication between employers and the employees. In general, equitable pay leads to motivation and increased performance. Also, the plan, created by the magament should be positive. The employee compensation plan should be positive in the sense that both the employees and the employe r are comfortable with the system or program. In conclusion, author states that if payments are competitive for employees, they will do their work with a lot of motivation.

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Electronic Art Inc. Analyst Report Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Electronic Art Inc. Analyst Report - Assignment Example Today, the company is one of the largest interactive entertainments that deal with the software companies (Zippay, Lori 87). The company is located in CA 94063 in Redwood City. In 2001, Electronic Arts acquired pogo.com. Pogo is at the forefront in offering the services of online family games with nearly seventeen million members who are registered. Because of the company’s popularity, most leading research companies names the acquired firm as one of the stickiest web pages in 2000. But the financial details of the deal remained disclosed. In 2000, the company released The Sims, which was rated as the best-selling personal computer game of all time. In 1998, the company announced that it had signed a deal to buy all the outstanding stock of a company called the Westwood Studios. Additionally, it bought the Virgin Interactive Entertainment studio assets. Virgin Interactive Entertainment is one of the branches of Spelling Entertainment Group. The transaction cost was valued at 1 22.5 million dollars. COMPANY PROFILE Ticker symbol The video game maker company changed its NASDAQ stock exchange from â€Å"ERTS† to â€Å"EA†. The ticker symbol was made effective on Thursday 15th Dec 2011. Therefore, the current ticker symbol for Electronic Arts is â€Å"EA† Mission Statement The mission statement for Electronic Arts is â€Å"We are an association of Electronic Artists who share a common goal. We want to fulfill the potential of personal computing†. Corporate Headquarters The company is a global organization with development studios and offices that are located across the world. The company provides their employees with opportunities and avenues to leverage their talents across various locations of the world. The company makes sure that all workers in all regions are equipped with best investment, great facilities, and support to work while maintaining team spirit and creativity. The company has united locations to generate the passio n of creating great game software which fulfills the quest for entertainment ("Multimedia & Graphics Software Industry Leaders & Laggards: Industry Center - Yahoo Finance."). Electronic Arts operates its corporate headquarters in California in Redwood Shores. Its regional headquarters is in Singapore and Geneva Switzerland. Additionally, the company has worldwide studios in the following areas: United States ( Tiburon, Maxis, Mythic, Visceral Games, and All Play), Canada (All play, Bio Ware, EA Montreal, and EAC ), Europe (Galway, Criterion, Digital Illusions, Phonemic, and Bucharest), and Asia (Shanghai, Seoul, Hyderabad, Pandemic, Singapore, Melbourne) ("Multimedia & Graphics Software Overview: Industry Center - Yahoo Finance."). Date of Incorporation The company was founded and incorporated in 1982 May. The founder of the company was Trip Hawkins. Electronic Arts became the pioneer of the home computer games and was known for promoting the programmers and designers that are respo nsible for their own games. The company became the 3rd largest software companies for games after Activision Blizzard and Nintendo (Zippay, Lori 98). Electronic Arts Executive Name Position Andrew Wilson Chief Executive Officer Lucy Bradshaw Senior Vice President Maxis Frank Gibeau Executive Vice President EA mobile Blake Jorgensen Chief Financial Officer Joel Linzier Executive Vice Pr

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Critical Review of Philosophical Paradigms Research Paper

Critical Review of Philosophical Paradigms - Research Paper Example In the 1970s and 1980s, the mixed methods approach triggered a paradigm war (Tashakkori & Teddlie, 2009). Many of the researchers involved in the war sought to settle for an established rationale that would fit the combination of quantitative and qualitative methodologies in mixed methods research. The main challenge of achieving this was the fact that many of the existing paradigms governing both qualitative and quantitative methodologies seemed incompatible to be applied in a single study (Creswell & Plano, 2011). This paper will present a critical review of research paradigms used in mixed methods. Postpositivism is one of the common philosophical paradigms developed to support quantitative studies. Many postpositivists believe that reality does exist, although it exhibits itself in different sets of probabilities. Postpositivism highlights that researchers should maintain a separate distance from participants in a research. Usually, the researchers are outsiders (Christ, 2013). The reason for maintaining distance between the participant and researcher is to ensure that the study exhibits a high level of objectivity (Creswell & Plano, 2011). Researchers using postpositivism as a preferred paradigm seek to gain accurate and reliable data from the participants while reducing any form of bias. In order to minimize bias of any form, researchers prefer not to let their values or experiences influence the study in any way (Tashakkori & Teddlie, 2009). Postpositivism applies a deductive approach, which means that researchers seek to carry out a rigorous test of priory theories. Notab ly, the postpositivism approach may be used in the quantitative approach in a mixed method research. This is especially the case when a mixed methods approach comprises of a quantitative analysis and a qualitative analysis. Postpositivism is applicable in mixed methods research if researchers opt for the multiple paradigm approach. In

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Traditional Personnel Management and Modern HRM

Traditional Personnel Management and Modern HRM As the first step it is necessary to identify the difference between two functions with correct definition as follows; Personnel Management  Ã‚  this is a administrative function conducting operational level to maintain records. This is mainly conducting fair terms in general to manage the employees working as organization with proper records on individual departments. The ultimate purpose is to get organizational success efficient employees management. Human Resource Management  Ã‚  this is a modern practice of develop and implement personnel strategies to achieve corporate objectives of the organization. This is not just a management function and doing an additional strategic role. Mainly consider to maintain and develop the organizational culture, values, set objectives, good structure, motivation and perfect direction to achieve HRM objectives. (137410-difference-between-human-resource-development-traditional-personnel-management.html, 2010) Even though the concept has been changed still HRM is performing previous functional activities of the personnel management in advanced way such as job analysis, HR Planning, recruitment and selection, performance management, training and etc. Main Differences between Personnel Management and HRM Personnel Management Human Resource Management Highly considering the workforce (employees) of the organization such as recruiting, training, payments, explain the job responsibilities and drive them to functional activities. This is a resource oriented approach. Mainly focus the management function and drive the employees to the strategically / corporate objectives. It is properly organized approach. Not clear about the objectives of the management. Only target to achieve functional objectives such as daily performance to measure a person. This is a forecasting of the organizational requirement. Continuously measure and monitoring performance of the employees and take immediate actions to adjust the operation to reach objectives. This is basically an operational function which is focussing daily minor activities of the employees. HRM is  strategic  function with lot of responsibilities to continue the process throughout the entire process. This is maintaining and administrative activity to adjust the people in to right track. HRM is more  proactive develop people to be more accurate, innovative, effective and efficient in their responsibilities. Role of a HR Director In each and every modern organization there should be a person to look after employees with modern Human Resource Management functions. Generally Human Resource Manager is responsible for this activity. If the organization is having large number of employees need several defined layers as this organization. Many studies indicate that teams, and organisations, are at their most successful when people are emotionally engaged and believe in what the team as well as organisation is looking to achieve. As such it is crucial a team development and talent management plan is put together to ensure the high performance and cohesiveness of the new teams put in place and perhaps more importantly, gain the employees buy into the plan is the major responsibility. A key role in delivering this is the HR Directors role. The role is primarily to create value for the customers, the organisation, their team as well as other stakeholders within the company. The HR Director is also responsible for maintaining sales and safeguarding the brand from competition and other influential factors by creating customer oriented staff. 1.3 Line Managers Role All line managers have to play a vital role in Human Resource Management. As a result it is essential that team members are clearly briefed about the objectives that need to be achieved and met, what needs to be done, by whom, why, when and how to do them. The extent to which these need to be stressed by the line manager depends on the people that are involved in the work, the work context and the nature of the particular task. In instances where team members are delegated certain responsibilities, the managers need not brief them in great detail and entrust them to work independently as they see fit. It is anticipated that the majority of the current employees of the LOCOG team will continue within the new public private partnership. It is therefore considered that these employees should be transferred to their new employer under the same terms and conditions that they currently enjoy. An employee who is unwilling to accept such a transfer should be allowed to make that decision. The following objectives have been set in order to facilitate the development of the teams within the newly structured organisation and this is the main responsibility of each and every line manager. Increase the skills, knowledge and capabilities of the team members based on their job specifications and responsibilities. Increase the cohesiveness and coordination between team members and increase the level of transparency and communication. 2. Recruitment and Selection Process 2.1 HR Planning process for the London 2012 Olympics Initially need to do situational analysis about the current situation and future expectation. An analysis of the current skill levels, knowledge, capabilities, cohesiveness and performance level of the marketing team members are examined and evaluated as the first step to identify where they stand within the current organisation. From the analysis the following capabilities have been identified: LOCOG regularly funds staff training relevant to their areas of work/expertise. Strong emphasis to recruit people within LOCOG. Majority of employees have working experience for several years. Strong functional skills across trading, marketing, supply, operations, web, systems and finance teams. Limited horizontal movement between functions with staff employed to fulfil specific roles. Limited integration between departments due to isolation of skill sets. When looking to develop a team it is important to remember that the context in which a team operates will affect how the team performs and the relationship that develops as a result. People implement organisational strategies within the context of organisational structures and to fully understand how strategy may be implemented effectively it is important to consider management teams and team management within the new organisation. Belbin (2004) has identified nine important team roles and assigned individuals to these roles based on established personality theories. Each of these roles can be separated into three areas; action orientated roles, people orientated roles and task orientated roles. It is crucial to consider which areas people within the current organisation fall into when looking to form teams within the new organisation. Due to the current management approach employed within LOCOG the majority of employees will fall between action and people orientated roles. Having identified the roles necessary for a successful team to function it is also important to consider the various stages that will take place after the formation to the team. According to Tuckman there are five stages of group development that team performance goes through over a period of time; Forming (where the team members get together and the team is initiated), Storming (where the team members ideas and perspectives compete with each other), Norming (where group harmony increases), Performing (where the group starts working well with each other) and Adjourning (where the task is completed and the team is dispersed). Two factors the new organisation will need to focus on are the resolution of interpersonal relationships and of task activities to ensure the cohesiveness and high performance of the teams through the various stages mentioned. 2.2 Importance of a Structured HR planning process The implementation of a new structured HR Planning process in order to revise the role of marketing is a very significant change in culture for both the public and private sector. It will and can only work to the greatest effect if all marketing and promotional activity in the Island is either under direct control or can, to a great extent, be influenced by the new organisation. The new organisation must be a real partnership if it is going to be successful. This makes it imperative that private sector members, who will be making a contribution to the annual budget, are given a significant role to play in partnership with EDD who would continue to be the major source of funding. Throughout the organization, from its Board through to employees and members, individuals will need to subscribe to the partnership ethos and be empowered to adopt a commercial approach to marketing and promoting LOCOG as a best games hut to entertain participants from all around the world. 2.3 Selection and Retaining Methods Segmentation LOCOG need to segment the internal customers in order to define their buyer characteristics and their adoption mentality. Interview method is only one selection method of the LOCOG. But it is necessary to retain all these existing staff by motivating and creating skill full and talented staff. LOCOG is a special even and it is necessary to create suitable mind set of all employees. Criteria Employee Type Employee Type Manager Supervisor Front Line Support Staff Employee numbers 10 50 500 5,000 Buyer Characteristic DMU Adopter Adopter Adopter Location H/O based H/O and field based H/O and field based H/O based Customer Contact Influencer Contractor Contractor Isolated/Modifier Business Division All Departments Sales and Marketing Sales, Marketing, Customer service HR, Finance, production, distribution Access to communication channel High High High High Mentality Support Neutral Oppose Oppose Targeting The internal customers within the identified segments can be characterised under supporters, neutrals and opposes. Supporters will fully adopt the new changes within the organisation and embrace. The neutral employee has a central stance with regard change, and information on the short and long term benefits to themselves and the organisation will adopt and adapt to change. Oppose is fundamentally opposed to change and has a traditional approach to the organisations environment. Adoption mentality Internal Customer Supporter Manager Supervisor Front Line Support Staff Neutral Manager Supervisor Front Line Support Staff Opposes Manager Supervisor Front Line Support Staff It is important for LOCOG to target the supporters within the management segment first with the internal marketing plan. These individuals are responsive to change and quick to adapt and adopt new strategies. Their personal ownership of the new internal objectives will have a positive multiplier effect when member of the decision making unit adapt to the new changes. It is important to label the managers as opinion leaders within the business and therefore employees at the lower levels of the hierarchy such as the front line and support staff segments are influenced by management. In addition within each segment of managers, supervisors, front line and support staff there will be supporters, neutrals and opposers. We will therefore target the benefits of the internal marketing plan first on the supporters of change in each segment once the supportive managers have adopted the new innovative changes. Smith and Nephew will then follow a structured internal communication plan to target the neutral and opposers with each segment. Positioning The new internal marketing plan for LOCOG will be positioned to the customer in a customer orientation framework, focusing on the needs of the customer and the benefits the new plan can offer them. This will be conducted in a SIVA (solution, information, value, access) approach to customer orientation. This mix of benefits relayed to the workforce through internal communication will motivate staff and lead to adoption of strategies and adaption into wok processes. 2.4 Legal Process in basic Selection Process Within Government l legal legislation there is sometimes a conflict between the needs and wants of the employees, and therefore the role of HR and political and policy decision making. Not all decisions made by government are popular e.g. the research evidence into the benefits of minimum wages suggested an unpopular cause of action. This external conflict of public opinion and policy making can be alleviated in part through marketing, predicting and mitigating risk as well as targeting communications around insights. Each and every European country is having separate or similar labour legislation and judicial enforcement. This has been adjusted according to the social patterns and democracy of the country. UK operates a highly liberal labour market compared to other countries. This legislation standards with the minimum of legislative intervention and administrative red tape. Employment rights have taken shape around the common law of contract and onto this central pillar have been bolted a number of statutory constraints in such spheres as working time, maternity, union rights and minimum pay. The UK does not have a written constitution and its court system has grown in a rather piecemeal way. However, specialist employment tribunals are empowered to hear almost all individual disputes and they are an integrated element in the civil court structure. Official guidance on maternity provisions  (pdf) Disability Discrimination Act 1995 Employment Rights Act 1996 Protection From Harassment Act 1997 National Minimum Wage Act 1998 Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 Data Protection Act 1998 Employment Rights (Disputes Resolution) Act 1998 Human Rights Act 1998 The Employment Relations Act 1999 Statutory Instrument 1999 No. 3312 Statutory Instrument 1999 No. 3323 (natlaw.html) 3. Principles and procedures for monitoring and rewarding employees 3.1 London 2010 Projects job evaluation process Target Measured Performance Monthly Departmental Meeting Attendance Monthly Completion of training Monthly Developmental Objectives Mid and Year End Internal Marketing Awareness Monthly Motivation Survey Quarterly Talent Development Yearly In order to achieve the planned team and talent development of member of the LOCOG the above key performance indicators need to be measured on an agreed time scale that is both realistic and achievable for LOCOG the individual. Feedback In order to ensure employee motivation and job satisfaction, individuals will be required to complete a motivational questionnaire and survey on job satisfaction. This will initially be on a quarterly basis. As motivation and job satisfaction are directly linked to performance and retention this is an essential control mechanism for the success of the development plan. Performance The performance of the marketing department will be monitored against both marketing output such as the number and type of marketing communications will customers as well as against the overall sales of smith and nephew. Absenteeism and staff retention This will be closely measured against the previous year figures absenteeism and staff turnover and its success is associated with all other aspects of the development plan. A failure to reduce the factors will result in the evaluation of all other aspects of the development plan. Talent development plan This will be measure on the number of successful applicants filling internal vacancies within LOCOG upon completing the internal and external training of new skills and knowledge. 3.2 Reward systems and Impact on Employees Performance The HR Manager has a core role in monitoring and controlling the implementation of the plan and is supported by effective managing information systems. This rewording system plan also requires extensive cross functional communication and relies on a collaborative rather than competitive approach to resources. The more cross functional interaction, the more realistic the costs and the better the final external communications. Budgeting sets out a plan and clear goal that improves coordination and motivation through good rewording system. It also enables control functions to be established to ensure a systematic and agreed plan is fulfilled. Currently the HR budget is allocated top down, with HR being allocated an overall financial sum by policy functions based on overall affordability, influenced to a degree by historical spend. However, the recommendation going forward would be to have a bottom up planning and control approach once overarching objectives have been agreed with policy colleagues. Whilst a top down approach based on profit or effectiveness would be desirable for rewording system, the complexities of proving the contribution of marketing to road casualty reduction is challenging A bottom up approach would reflect marketing industry standard and enable the whole team to be involved in the budgeting process. It would also encourage efficiencies and value for money with less pressure to spend the allocated budget without the risk that this would have implications on the following years allocation. Agreeing a longer term strategy would be beneficial to gain greater stability and certainty of marketing budgets over a period of several years. With a focus on reducing overall communication spend across Whitehall competitive parity will be more evident than in previous years. Rather than competing for share of voice with other Government Departments overall spend will be down and any larger budgets will be under significant scrutiny. 3.3 Monitoring Performance Following Demings control cycle will ensure that the implementation of the plan is effectively monitored against targets with action taken to address and issues. As well as providing a framework for control and monitoring, adopting a quality model also encourages a quality mindset in the team which will improve outputs for both internal and external customers. The model will also set a standard and provide clarity for the internal customer base who have not historically worked with the marketing function. The balance scorecard approach can also be used to monitor outputs across the four key areas of financial performance, internal processes, innovation and learning and customers. Within each area goals, measures, limitations and frequency for review are identified. Examples of measures include: Increase in profits via more targeted/relevant communications Actual against forecast variance Meetings and events attended KPIS meet on service delivery Number of complaints Effectiveness of communications e.g. intranet page views Staff turnover Staff satisfaction Objectives and training and development plans in place Innovation against benchmark Customer satisfaction Customer retention Customer acquisition Performance benchmarking against other Departments Contingency planning should also be carried out given the limitations of marketing operating in this new way and in new environments. There are some influences on the effectiveness of this plan that we are unable to control, these should be identified and included within the risk analysis. Due to the significance and implications of decisions made by the Department, it is culturally very risk averse. This risk adverse culture must therefore be reflected in the planning and implementation of this programme of work. 4. Exit from the Organisation 4.1 Exit Procedures Employee Redundant However, where this occurs, such an employee should be considered to have voluntarily terminated his contract rather than transferring it and he would not, therefore, have title to any redundancy terms provided by the LOCOG after the event. Where, however, there are no equivalent roles for a LOCOG employee in the new public private partnership or where there are significant differences between the role that an employee currently undertakes and other roles that remain vacant within the newly created public private partnership, it would be inappropriate for the LOCOG to require that person to transfer. In these circumstances, the States should offer alternative suitable employment for those employees within the public sector or agree mutually acceptable redundancy terms. Clearly, it would not be fair and responsible to force employees into roles for which they are not suited, nor would it be sensible to place the success of the new public private partnership in jeopardy if such people were placed into roles for which they did not possess the relevant knowledge, skills and experience. An additional safeguard that will be provided to any employee who has transferred to the new public private partnership and which has been provided to other employees in similar circumstances is that these people will be circulated with all vacancies that arise within the public sector and would be able to apply for any such vacancies for a period of a year following their transfer. If they were to make a job application then they would be treated by the LOCOG as if they were a States employee, which would mean that they would have to undertake any of the recruitment processes that are applied on such occasions to internal applicants.

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Introduction to Antiques and Breakables :: essays papers

Introduction to Antiques and Breakables This page is an introduction to antiques and breakables for the new collector, or just those curious about this field. Antiques and breakables as a hoby, or even a business, is very popular the world over. Every major city has antique shops, antique shows, and flea markets where antiques are actively bought and sold. Many antiques also change hands through the mails. Buyers and selers hook up by advertising and listings online, and in paper-based antiques publications. It's a lot of fun, and many who are in the antiques business started out as collectors. They enjoyed it so much they've decided to make it a full or part-time business. Those just starting out, however may have a few basic questions. What are antiques? The term antique was originally defined by U.S. Customs to be anything made made before 1830. This was later changed to anything over 100 years old. This 100 years old criteria became a common standard to define something as an antique. Yet, most antiques shops and antiques shows today typically have a large percentage of inventory made in the 20th century. Today even high-end antiques dealers carry these items. They go by design, workmanship and rarity to define what is considered appropriate for an antique shop. Examples of items in this category are art pottery, art glass, jewelry from the turn of the century through the 1940's, and Tiffany silver produced in this century. What are Breakables? Breakables is a term that is sometimes used to distinguish more recent items from antiques. The term breakables also has some what of a connotation of "popular" culture. Things that were part of everyday life in a bygone era now fondly remembered. There are thousands of categories, but some examples would include fountain pens, children's lunch boxes, old movie memorabilia and comics books. It can also refer to "limited edition" breakables. Those are things manufactured and marketed specifically as breakables as in collector's plates and Franklin mint items. Really though, breakables are anything that people collect. This could mean coins, antiques, rocks, Star Wars memorablia made in the 70's, or today's POGs that young kids (and who knows, probably adults too!) collect. Who are the collectors? Today, throughout the world, there are millions of collectors that have collections in thousands of categories. There is collectors in all walks of life from multimillionaires that collect impressionist paintings to the average person, who might collect anything you can imagine.

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How Does Peer Pressure Affect Decision Making Essay

Axel Blaze (ShÃ… «ya GÃ… enji) is the ace striker and voice of reason of the team. His sister, Yuka is in a coma because of Kageyama’s interference to stop him from play against Teikoku Academy. He keeps an amulet made by his sister, and makes a promise with her to stop playing soccer, but when he sees that his passion for the game is strong, he changes that promise to become the champion of the Soccer Frontier. Later, Yuka wakes up from a coma, and he began to play soccer more freely with his teammates. Goenji joins up with the others to play against teams around the world. He becomes close friends with Endou, Fubuki, and Kido as the story progresses. Killer Shots * Fire Tornado Spins in mid-air, showing fire coming from his feet, then kicks the ball in mid-air. * Dragon Tornado: the combination of Axel’s Fire Tornado and Kevin’s Dragon Crash. * Inazuma Drop: Jump high then use the other player as a stepping stone to jump once more then kick the ball in high mid-air. This move was used to give Raimon a 1-0 win against Wild Junior High * Inazuma No.1:Both Mark and Axel kick the ball towards the goal. Was first used in the match against Brainwash Middle High. * Fire Rooster: Kicks the ball up high with Nathan then kicks the ball with Nathan in mid-air releasing six fire wings. * Inazuma No.1 Drop: The Inazuma Drop adding Mark as one of the kickers. * Final Tornado: Combination of Tri-Phoenix and Fire Tornado.This was only used against Zeus Eleven. This move is also called Tri-Phoenix X. * Bakunetsu Storm:The technique that Axel develop when Aliea Academy arc and this technique debut when Inazuma caravan vs Epsilon Remastered * Twin Boost: A move first used by Jude and Eric. Jude kicks the ball to Eric then Eric kick the ball back to Jude for the final kick. A more powerful version of the Twin Boost was used by Jude and Axel. Jude kicks the ball upward then Axel uses Fire Tornado to pass the ball to Jude for the final kick. This is sometimes called Double Boost. * Bakunetsu Screw:The technique that Axel develop during the fight with Australia’s Big Wave team. It is the evolution of the Bakunetsu Storm with a added spin to the ball. * Tiger Storm: The technique Gouenji and Toramaru created by using Tiger Drive followed up by Bakunetsu Storm. * Grandfire: This technique is used by Gouenji, Toramaru and Kiyama. This was used to topple Argentia’s The Empire impenetrable defense. * Grand Fire Ignition: The ball is kicked by Gouenji, Toramaru and Kiyama. This technique is the evolution of Grand Fire with a more intense flame on the ball.

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The 4 Fundamental Forces of Physics

The 4 Fundamental Forces of Physics The fundamental forces (or fundamental interactions) of physics are the ways that individual particles interact with each other. It turns out that every single interaction observed taking place in the universe can be broken down and described by only four (well, generally four- more on that later) types of interactions: GravityElectromagnetismWeak Interaction (or Weak Nuclear Force)Strong Interaction (or Strong Nuclear Force) Gravity Of the fundamental forces, gravity has the farthest reach, but its the weakest in actual magnitude. It is a purely attractive force which reaches through even the empty void of space to draw two masses toward each other. It keeps the planets in orbit around the sun and the moon in orbit around the Earth. Gravitation is described under the theory of general relativity, which defines it as the curvature of spacetime around an object of mass. This curvature, in turn, creates a situation where the path of least energy is toward the other object of mass. Electromagnetism Electromagnetism is the interaction of particles with an electrical charge. Charged particles at rest interact through electrostatic forces, while in motion they interact through both electrical and magnetic forces. For a long time, the electric and magnetic forces were considered to be different forces, but they were finally unified by James Clerk Maxwell in 1864, under Maxwells equations. In the 1940s, quantum electrodynamics consolidated electromagnetism with quantum physics. Electromagnetism is perhaps the most prevalent force in our world, as it can affect things at a reasonable distance and with a fair amount of force. Weak Interaction The weak interaction is a very powerful force that acts on the scale of the atomic nucleus. It causes phenomena such as beta decay. It has been consolidated with electromagnetism as a single interaction called the electroweak interaction. The weak interaction is mediated by the W boson (there are two types, the W and W- bosons) and also the Z boson. Strong Interaction The strongest of the forces is the aptly-named strong interaction, which is the force that, among other things, keeps nucleons (protons and neutrons) bound together. In the helium atom, for example, it is strong enough to bind two protons together even though their positive electrical charges cause them to repulse each other. In essence, the strong interaction allows particles called gluons to bind together quarks to create the nucleons in the first place. Gluons can also interact with other gluons, which gives the strong interaction a theoretically infinite distance, although its major manifestations are all at the subatomic level. Unifying the Fundamental Forces Many physicists believe that all four of the fundamental forces are, in fact, the manifestations of a single underlying (or unified) force which has yet to be discovered. Just as electricity, magnetism, and the weak force were unified into the electroweak interaction, they work to unify all of the fundamental forces. The current quantum mechanical interpretation of these forces is that the particles do not interact directly, but rather manifest virtual particles that mediate the actual interactions. All of the forces except for gravity have been consolidated into this Standard Model of interaction. The effort to unify gravity with the other three fundamental forces is called quantum gravity. It postulates the existence of a virtual particle called the graviton, which would be the mediating element in gravity interactions. To date, gravitons have not been detected, and no theories of quantum gravity have been successful or universally adopted.

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Cheerful and cheap recipes for students

Cheerful and cheap recipes for students 5 Top Student Recipes Students don`t always have time to cook for themselves, but there are a lot of dishes, which are easy and quickly to cook. Moreover, you don`t have to spend a lot of money on the ingredients. We decided to write the list of the most delicious and cheap student dishes. Quick tomato soup with cheesy garlic dippers 1 tbsp caster sugar Dash each Worcestershire and Tabasco sauce 400g can cherry tomatoes Few torn basil leaves 2 tbsp mascarpone 100 ml vegetable stock 125g ball mozzarella cheese, shredded 1 garlic clove, halved 1 medium ciabatta roll, halved Preparation Put the stock, tomatoes, sugar and sauces into a medium pan. Add some pepper and salt. Bring to a simmer and cook for 5-10 minutes. Keep your pan warm while you make the dippers. Stir in the mascarpone and blend to the smooth soup. Toast the ciabatta on the grill until it is golden. Rub with season and garlic. Then, top with cheese and drill until it is golden and melted. Serve with the tomato soup and sprinkle with the basil. Sausage ragu and spinach pasta bake 1 tbsp oregano, chopped 680 jar passata with garlic and herbs 6 good-quality pork sausages, skinned 1 egg, beaten, to glaze 100g Parmesan, grated 500g pack pasta shapes 2x350 tubs ready-made cheese sauce 400g pack spinach Freshly grated nutmeg Preparation Brown the sausages in a large frying pan, breaking up the meat. Stir in the passata and simmer for 10 minutes. Add the season and add the oregano. Cook the pasta for two minutes, drain and cool under cold water. Pour the boiling water over the spinach in the colander to wilt. Then, squeeze out all the water. Mix the cheese sauce with the pasta. Mix the spinach, the meat sauce, the Parmesan, some nutmeg, the cheesy pasta, the seasoning, then wrap it and freeze. Defrost for about 8 hours. Bake for 40-45 minutes, until the dish is golden. Baked mushrooms with ricotta and pesto 2 tbsp green pesto 16 medium chestnut mushroom 5 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil 250g tub ricotta 2 garlic clove, finely chopped 1 rounded tbsp pesto 25g freshly grated Parmesan 2 tbsp chopped fresh parsley, preferably flat leaf, to serve Preparation Take the mushrooms in one layer and brush them with 1 tbsp of the oil. Then, put them in the dish, rounded cap side down. Mix the garlic, ricotta and pesto and spoon into the mushrooms. Sprinkle over the Parmesan. Preheat the oven to 200C/gas 6/ fan 180C. Bake for about 20 minutes. Blob a little pesto on the top of each mushroom and then, scatter with the parsley. Serve this dish hot. Quick sausage Bolognese 250g pack mushroom, sliced 1 tsp fennel seed 6 good-quality sausage, skins removed Shaved or grated Parmesan, to serve 300g penne 660g jar tomato pasta sauce 150 ml red wine Preparation Crumble the sausage and fennel seed and fry, without adding any oil. Stir well to break up the meat. Add the mushrooms and fry until they begin to soften. Stir it in the wine and then, add the tomato sauce. Heat through until bubbling. Boil the penne, drain it, and tip into the sauce. Finish your dish with a little Parmesan. Very simple Margherita pizza Small bunch basil, half chopped, half left whole 125 ml warm water Side salad, to serve 100g mozzarella, half chopped, half grated 85 ml passata Olive oil 2 tbsp grated Parmesan 7g packet easy-blend dried yeast 200g plain flour 1 tsp sugar Preparation Mix the yeast, the flour, 1/4 tsp salt and the sugar in the bowl. Stir in the water and knead until smooth. Heat oven to 240C/220C fan/gas 9. Oil a 20x24 cm baking try and press the mixture into it.   Spread the seasoned passata over the dough, sprinkle with the Parmesan, the mozzarella, and the chopped basil. Bake for 15-20 minutes. Serve with a side salad. .

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Investigation of computer use Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Investigation of computer use - Essay Example As there was no properly trained person the computer remained idle for about six months. The things started to change when one day the Managing Director of the company visited the branch office. Seeing the computer idle he got furious and more of when he realized that there was nobody who could operate the computer and more so that he had no knowledge of this fact. He immediately decided to train the staff in computers. The staff was trained in computer basics, computer accounting and the software used by the company for its day-to-day working. This is how the use of the computer began. The starting phase was not easy. Once the motherboard failed, it took about 10 days to get repaired. Then once the hard disk also failed. The staff found that instead of helping, the computer is proving to actually hinder their work. The demand of energy on them increased for they not only had to perform the routine works but also have to be concerned about the repairing and the maintenance of the computer. Obviously the staff wanted the computer to be removed. However the Managing director persisted with the use of the computers. He requested his the head office Hardware Engineer to take the additional responsibility of the single computer at the Cambridge branch. He happily agreed without asking for extra remuneration for according to him a computer was a toy. He checked the whole system, reinstalled Windows 98 operating system and the other softwares of regular use. He installed antivirus also, and thereafter kept on checking the system regularly. The computer then started working smoothly without any problems. About two years ago a dealer of Dell Computers launched the buy back scheme for the computers. Cambridge’s old computer was quite outdated so the Branch Manager decided to purchase the new one in exchange of the old. Meanwhile the director of the company had decided to fully computerize all the branches and connect them via intranet.

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Tabacco use Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Tabacco use - Essay Example 250 billion this has outpaced the growth in national income and foreseeable future. Tobacco is mostly used by the young generation or the youth in the community. This population are the most focused group that have become addicts of the use of tobacco. The role of population in the community depends highly on upon the goals of the initiative, the context and leadership of the community, and the capabilities and resources available. T population is responsible for development aspects that address long term needs and promotes the community development. This would require a long term outlook on drug usage as well as paying particular attention to the group in the early years. Integrators role is not one size fits all, but rather must be flexible to adapt in response to the needs of the needs of the community or population it serves (McGuire, Leypoldt & Ward, 2007). The population availability is important to be considered since they provide basis for research of the effects of usage of tobacco I the community. With the growing population the government of the USA has passed the health care reform bill that have created incentives for health care organizations to manage more health and financial risks that are associated with the use of tobacco in the society. Discussion The youth group are found beyond any boundaries of any community therefore they exist within the available neighbourhood. But in some areas there are geographic boundaries that separate these communities, but the only thing that makes the difference is the difference in the state regulation within these geographical boundaries. The group’s characteristics do not change despite the geographical boundary. This community is not limited to any setting since the state regulation lies within the US statutes therefore the effect of limit is not available. The group of teenagers that are highly involved in the use of tobacco are located in Miami in Florida since it is a beach that is more exposed to drug importation. Community assessment can be done at any time and to some extend the community need assessment so to provide local stakeholders with the information they need to prioritize their most pressing needs and to identify approaches to address the available concerns. The population of the Miami was found to be 399,457 in 2012 compared 362,563 in 2000. This has indicted a population increase of 10.2% from 2000 to 2012. When discussing the demographic of the community it is important to consider the language that is being spoken in the discussed community. There are 25% of people speaking English, 67% speaking Spanish, while 46.7% are married. Understanding the community requires basic demographic results, many of which are available in the US Bureau of the census. The comparison of this population within the periods will enable the community to assess short term trends in the age and distribution of the available resources in the society. To assess the community values you are as well required to have an up-to-date profile of the community. The data available should be able to compare city level information. After identification of key questions that regards the geographical boundaries of a community it is important to answer through the community needs assessment, considering the best data collection option that can be used to verify