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Microsoft updates Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Microsoft updates - Essay Examplea. Windows Memory Diagnostic which scans the remembering of the computer for errors. It is mostly applicable when a computer freezes abruptly, after RAM modules have been altered or after one upgrades the system.b. System Image Recovery is the other tool used when one wants to cure the system image. It is mostly applicable when other tools have failed to restore the system to its optimal functioning. Its only chastisement is that once it is used, it can only restore files and folders which were present at the time when the system image was formed.c. stonemason et al., states that, System restore is used to restore the Windows system to earlier versions but does not alter exploiter files. One only needs to choose a restore point where the configuration works mightily (Mason et al., 2012).e. Command Prompt is used by advanced users in order to conduct recovery think tasks. However, it should only be used by advanced users, since its use without pr oper knowledge may annoy the condition

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Business goverance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Business goverance - Essay Example491). There ar some(prenominal) beliefs applied in leadership of organization and others that act as supporting platforms for direction. These include aspects of game theory, bureau theory and leadership techniques (Bendor, Glazer & Hammond, 2001 p. 241). The accomplice principle is among the widely used delegation strategy.There are various delegation principles and processes applicable to delegation in either teams or individual play. The associate principle of delegation is the widely applied practice in the process of delegating in many organizations. The ally principle in delegation entails that the person in authority, when there is an opportunity for delegation, he picks the agent nighest to them for the job. This definition to this principle underlies in the belief that, those entities closest to the authority and who hold a similar business line of thought, as well as, foster the ideologies of the authority are at the best position to foster the organisational goals. The practice of delegation to a close entity gives the authority space to allow the person or gathering they give authority to work in freedom. There are several levels of delegation using the ally principle.In delegating via either principle, whether ally or any other, the levels of delegation include the following. There is the delegation in which the authority gives the directions precisely for the person delegated work (Gersen, 2012 p. 2193). Secondly, the authority brook tell the subaltern to hold off at the situation and report, then the authority decides, or they decide together. Additionally, the delegation can be allowing the junior to look at the situation, make the decision and wait for approval from the authority before proceeding. Moreover, the delegation can allow the agent to make decisions and implement them then report the outcome later. Lastly, the delegation may

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Tangle wood Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Tangle wood - Case Study ExampleThe lodge is a chain of retail memory boards that stocks various items that include home decor items, electronic appliances, and clothing. The companys head market consists of the upper class, middle class, and even the budget customers. According to Heneman et al., the company derives its competitive advantage from its out-of-door theme and the large camping section in each store, and even the design concepts of each store (34). Since 1975 up to now, the company has witnessed tremendous fruit that has enabled it to operate more than 240 stores located across the United States and this growth has equally been represented by an increase in the number of employees as sound as the increase profitability of the company. This present case analysis of the Tanglewood Company will analyze the turnover problem that has universe experienced in the company. Secondly, it will analyze how this problem might be tackled, the necessary actions that should be in terpreted to solve the problem, and how the available options will be evaluated. Turnover at the Tanglewood stores The human resource department at an organization such as Tangelwood Company is mandated to undertake the task of workforce retention or to mark that employee turnover is at a minimum level. According to Heneman et al., workforce retention is mainly emphasized in order to reduce cost of continually hiring new workers and to ensure at that place is continuity in the organization. This is to hypothecate that turnover at the Tangleowood stores was a major problem that could possibly affect the quality of service at the stores, since staff had to be hired periodically and even before, they could master their roles well and even get to discern the customers, they would leave the company. This high rate of turnover of staffs at the company meant that the store managers had to regularly use financial resources and valuable time to train the new staffs (43-45). Sims was of the view that an organization, which has a high turnover of employees, is not financially sound or the management and in particular, the human resource management is poor and lacks proficiency. Therefore, a strategical human resource management at the Tanglewood Company would implement appropriate strategies to ensure that employees are favourable in the work place and every aspect of the stores favors them, which will make them feel encouraged to pass off working for the organization (121-125). Solving the turnover problem at Tanglewood Company It has been noted above that there needs to be implementation of appropriate strategies that will ensure staffs are encouraged to work at the Tanglewood stores for a longer duration. With reference to the writings by Sims, it is noted that one of the ways through which to bring down employee turnover is by ensuring that the staffs have an opportunity to grow within the company and this is achieved by reserving promotion spots for the co mpanys current workforce (93). This strategy will encourage the current workforce to period in the company as they await their chance to be promoted to the next level where the salary and benefits would increase. Heneman et al. back up this strategy by stating that in most cases employees leave a company because of limited opportunities for growth and so they look for other companies that will enable them to grow in terms of their career and even get laid better remuneration (56-58). The other related strategy is offering training programs to the staffs, which sharpen their skills as well as improve their competency level. Through human resource development, employees become more devoted to the company and they have a feeling that they owe the company, because of the training that it has been offered to them. The other strategic option for solving the turnove

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The Rwanda Genocide Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

The Rwanda Genocide - study ExampleRacial top-flightity has caused much violence and many deaths for those who have been labeled by the superior as inferior. This violence has been spawned mostly by an extreme hatred for those viewed as different or inferior. Furtherto a greater extent, much(prenominal)(prenominal) feelings of hatred have been translated into outright acts of violence against those viewed as inferior, and this at times often prompted retaliation against their oppressors, such as the case in Rwanda. With these premises, the world has been witness to various acts of violence, including the massacre of a significant hail of people, all in the name of racial superiority. The concerned countries of the world have often refused to act in time to stop these events even though ample signs of trouble were apparent. Racial superiority has traditionally been an fill out for various countries at one point or a nonher in their history, but none worse than that displayed by the Nazis over the Jews and by the Tutsis over the Hutus in Rwanda. Similarities can be seen between the events of the final solution and the Rwandan race murder. Rwandan genocide took place between April and June 1994. During this tragic period of 3 months some 800,000 Rwandans died, the majority were ethnically Tutsis murdered by their rival countrymen the Hutus (BBC News). ... The blame was placed firmly on the shoulders of Tutsi leader Paul Kagame (who is now the current Rwandan President, but then leader of the Rwandan Patriotic Front (BBC News). This was denied by Kagame who blamed the attack on Hutu extremists. Nevertheless, within a few hours of the attack, violence broke out all over the country and such violence would not wane until three months after the assassination of Habyarimana (BBC News). By then nearly a million Rwandans would recede their lives. The persecution of the Jews began in the early 1930s. Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany in 1933. The persecut ion continued and built up into and through World struggle II, finally ceasing in 1945 when war in Europe finally ended. It is believed that some 6 million Jews died, as well as members of other minorities such as Gypsies. During this time, six million Jews in Europe were murdered, the recumb were persecuted and tortured, and 5000 Jewish communities were destroyed (Perry 67). The deaths did not begin as soon as the Fascists came into power. Time was spent first of all in spreading propaganda across Germany against those seen by the government as the enemies of the Aryan race at the kindred time, life for the minorities was made very difficult. The aim was to encourage Jews to leave the country. To some extent, this succeeded however, Hitler could not wait and in 1938 came Kristallnacht these were the state sanctioned riots aimed at the Jewish population (Gellately 45). It seems then that xenophobia can be about more than feeling other people are different, or even inferior, but can also be about poor self image and the resentment of other peoples success. Rwandan genocide and Holocaust showed

Instrumentation principles for media technology microphone technology Essay

Instrumentation principles for media technology microphone technology - Essay ExampleAccording to Snoman, a microphone, casually referred to as mic or mike, is a thingamabob that converts sound into an electrical current that is then transformed into an audio signal at the end of the grasp (152). How well the sound gets captured by the microphone and un-obstructively reproduced and transmitted to the audience, and how well the microphone meets the live or studio apartment requirements of sound, is the main concern. There is no doubt that when you go for a high quality microphone, you atomic number 18 in the end ensuring excellence of the sound however, every microphone has its own tonal quality that is different from other microphones. Thus, choosing the secure microphone is what requires good sensible knowledge about the microphone technology and some basic tips and tricks of utilizing this technology.Microphones are a key factor in achieving high quality recordings and sound r eproduction, says Peterson. The first microphone ever developed consisted of a metal stoppage affiliated to a needle which was further connected to a metal foil. When the diaphragm would catch differences in send off embrace, it would cause the needle to move which would scrabble out specific patterns onto the metal foil. When these scratches were later run by the needle, they would cause the diaphragm to move which reproduced the enter sound (How Stuff Works). The latest microphone technology, however sophisticated, works on the same principle that is, converting air pressure waves into electrical current.Whatever the type of the microphone is, all have one thing is common. That is the diaphragm which is actually a thin paper or a thin piece of aluminum or plastic, located in the head of a typical microphone, and vibrates when it catches sound waves produced by differences in air pressure (see Fig. 1). Vibrations in this diaphragm cause vibrations in other modules of the micr ophone as well

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Electrical Cars Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Electrical Cars - Research Paper ExampleIt is estimated that more than one trine of the total energy such as natural gas, diesel, and gasoline in the man goes to driving political machinemobiles. Today, auto industries are in the toe-tip of enhancing transition into electric automobile automobileal cars. This is because of several forces that limit growth of the oil industry and self-propelling businesses. These limiting factors adjudge made engineers implement varieties of propulsive systems that require other forms of energy instead of oil. oecumenic Motors has, therefore, come up with very promising configuration of battery electric vehicles (BEV) to supplement combustion engine. An electric car is an automobile design that uses electrical motor to power the car with electricity depictd by the batteries. Batteries employ in these cars feel varying designs with lead-acid and lithium ion sillier as compared to the ones used in mobile phones and laptops. Evolution of electr ic vehicles has been met to address depression of fuel resources and prevention of air pollution. Emission of harmful hydrocarbons has been a major global issue that has mitigated car manufacturers to invent and adopt less harmful machineries. In addition, over the days there has been an increase in awareness among people across the world to adopt eco-friendly means by going green due to the recent dangers of global warming. Electric vehicles have, therefore, been the potential option to save the world from harmful gases emitted by petroleum driven cars. These modes of cars have taken a long journey since 1996 when customary Motors produced the first modern electric car in the world. The recent electric cars that have been introduced are Chevrolet Volt, Tesla Roadster, and Nissan Leaf. These cars have made a very great stride in the current technology and acceptance of the consumers. This is because they have been considered as a major step of reducing dependency on petroleum pro ducts, protecting the environs, and meliorate sustainability of transport across the world (Eberhard & Tarpenning, 2006). It is estimated that electric cars can cover a distance of 100 miles per hour, which makes them the double-quick cars in the world. This has relegaten these cars higher popularity and sales in various countries like the United States and United Kingdom. In 2011, sale of electric cars in the United States has risen to about 350 thousand units. Many customers purchased these cars so as to qualify for tax incentives that were imposed by federal governments on petroleum products during economy recession. Despite global Motors willingness to combat global warming, the company always faces a barrier of electrifying car industries due to the particular(a) range of the electric cars. This barrier is mainly observed on the consumers side they are afraid of acquire stranded alongside roads with empty batteries (Haaren, 2011). Although there is great emphasis on pro tecting the environment through using environmental friendly cars, people need to be realistic about their benefits. This is because electric cars have very significant disadvantages that create limitation to their use and wide spread availability. In addition, these disadvantages give reasons why people tend not to use electrical vehicles across the world. The research in this paper, therefore, aims to provide insight on how General Motors should increase its interest in electrical cars by making electrical cars more fan, fixing the

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Histology Detective Case Resolution Template Study - 1

Histology Detective Resolution Template - Case Study ExampleThe body also has taproom and fighting agents, such as platelets blood turbulence, T cells, macrophages, and natural killer cells that kill moving malignant neoplastic disease cells. However, the majority of breast malignant neoplastic disease cells are able to pass and endure the condition to a cultivation (maybe due to short distance).The cells are breast cancer-oriented and treatment should be tied source, not the destination. The lung cancer set is a product of breast cancer cells metastasis and the solution should be source oriented. Expected observations are that the forbearing has earlier been diagnosed with breast cancer and treatment was not successful, or he/she is suffering from breast cancer too (OCF Inc 1-2).Study of breast cancer cells properties and knowledge of cancer cells such as primary and vicarious cancer formed the basis of my assessment and conclusion. Implementation of different strategies and r esources such as breast cancer diagnosis first then proceeding to lung cells testing would be applicable.Baba, Alecsandru I, and Cornel Catoi. Comparative Oncology. capital of Romania The Publishing House of the Romanian Academy, 2007. Print. Chapter 3 Tumor Cell morphology. Accessed from http//www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK9553/Bunyaratavej, Philippa. Bone Morphogenetic Proteins Secreted by Breast genus Cancer Cells Upregulate Bone Sialoprotein Expression in Preosteoblast Cells A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment ... for the Degree of ensure of Science. , 2000.

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Examining of SCM models and practices and implement on Iran Automotive Thesis

Examining of SCM forges and practices and implement on Iran Automotive Industry - Thesis ExampleTypes of mingled investigate There are two types of mixed research the mixed model research and the mixed method research. The former is a mixed research in which numerical and qualitative approaches are mixed within or across the stages of the research dish up (South Alabama University, 2011). In the within-stage mixed model research, the researcher mixed the quantitative and qualitative approaches within unitary or more of the stages of research. For example, the researcher both utilised the closed-ended and open-ended questionnaire in the collection of data. The close-ended is engaged to get under ones skin quantitative data while the open-ended is used to obtain qualitative data. Likewise, in across-stage mixed model research, the researcher mixed the quantitative and qualitative across at least two of the stages of research. For example, the researcher utilized open-ended int erviews in order to both obtain qualitative data and quantitative data. ... For example, the researcher could work out quantitative experiment and qualitative study through conducting interview study to the respondents in order to nonplus out if the experiment agreed with the results. Mixed method research is also categorized into two study dimensions time order (i.e., concurrent versus sequential) and paradigm emphasis (i.e., equal status versus dominant status) (Leech & Onwuegbuzie, 2007). Stages of Mixed search Process The mixed research process has 8 stages, although they are numbered, the researcher/s could still use the stages in different orders or move in multiple directions especially steps 4 through 7. The purpose of this is to address the particular needs and concerns that arise during the research study (SAU, 2011). The first step is to sic whether a mixed design is appropriate to the research study. Therefore it is important to consider the following questions sq ueeze out it best answer your research question(s)? and Will if offer the best design for the amount and kind of data you hope to obtain? Mixed research was applicable in this study because it both required quantitative and qualitative analysis. The quantitative research provided the detailed description of the implication of SCM to reduce Forrester effect in the automotive industry. It basically gives the generalization of the gathered data with tentative synthesized interpretations (SAU, 2011 & Traynor, 2011). The second step is to determine the rationale for victimisation mixed design. It is important to consider because it ensures the validity and reliability of the research study. There are 5 well-nigh important rationales for mixed design the triangulation,

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Financial markets Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Financial marketplaces - Essay ExampleSo an in-depth compendium has been done to determine if debt or justness will be a good option for natural elevation capital from the market. The data revealed that due to the environment of uncertainty it is better to maintain a portfolio of both debt and equity instruments. The different debt and equity options are discussed in the report so that companies can maintain tradeoff betwixt risk and return and design the financial plans accordingly.ABC is an Australian company listed in Australian Securities trade (ASX). The company is in service sector and enjoys a high credit rating. It has been found that ABC enjoys sizeable financial structure as come up. At present the company is planning to undertake expansion outline and for that it has to raise capital. Before finalizing any decision, the management would be interested to evaluate the future of Australian engagement rates in coming months.For determining the future interest rate, a thorough analysis of Australian market needs to be done taking into consideration all those factors which directly or indirectly influence the interest rate. Emphasis should be given on both domestic as well as international market conditions.This paper will also research to determine the appropriate finance instrument for the company as per the future interest rate condition. The main aim of the management is to fetch a balance between cost of capital and risk factors.The research information and data is record under different section. The first section provides an in-depth analysis of present and future market condition in Australia. The future prospect of interest rate is forecasted undertaking all the factors which influences it. In the second phase a strategy will be developed that helps ABC to finance their business according to the future market scenario and finally in the last section a discussion to support the recommended strategy and how the

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Ethical Issues in Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Ethical Issues in market - Essay ExampleHowever, after its approval for distribution in 1993, Neurontin was aggressively marketed for a large chip of off-label usage that were non only un approve by the FDA, but were also suspected of negative effects such as suicide. Thus, given the important role pharmaceutical companies play in ensuring the well-being of a nation, and the tremendous effect off-label marketing can have on patients this essay will argue that it is unethical, not to comment illegal, to market medicates for unproven uses on the basis of public health, especially if it is linked to harmful effects such as suicidal behavior.Off-label drug usage is a common practice in the medical community. delineate as the use of medicines for indication, dosage form, population, or other use parameter not mentioned in the approved labeling, it has been accepted, and even warranted, in some occasions, where it presents the best and sometimes even only course of possible handli ng (qtd. in Kaufman 2004, 3). According to Steven Salbu, there are three forms of off-label activities - off-label use, of-label prescription, and off-label marketing (qtd. in Kaufman 2004, 5).While off-label use and prescription are readily accepted, off-label marketing for unapproved usage of drugs is another story. ... The interest of pharmaceutical companies to market off-label usage of their products lies in their need as business entities to get these medicines out in the market as soon as possible without the long and expensive wait that FDA approval requires. One company that took advantage of this leeway to the point of fraudulently marketing their products is Pfizer in its efforts of promoting Neurontin. Neurontin An Effective Marketing StrategyNeurontin is a legally approved drug indicated as an adjunctive therapy for the treatment of partial seizures and epilepsy (Pfizer Inc., 2005, 7). Hence, it is not to be used alone, but only as a secondary treatment added to other antiepileptic drugs in the event that the primary drugs are not successful (7). However, it was still aggressively marketed for non-approved uses in treating a wide range of ailments including bipolar mental disorders, miscellaneous pain disorders, Lou Gehrigs disease, attention deficit disorders, migraine, drug and alcohol withdrawal seizures, restless leg syndrome, and as a primary treatment for epilepsy (DOJ, 2004). In a whistleblower suit filed by Dr. David Franklin, evidence emerged that the off-label uses previously mentioned were marketed in an illegal and fraudulent manner in what has been known as the most complete and well documented case of off-label promotion to ever come into public view (Sweet 2003, 18). According to Franklin, the company implemented a coordinated national effort to implement an off-label marketing plan because first, conducting further clinical trials to prove its strength for off-label uses are both too time

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Human Resource Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 14

Human Resource Management - Essay Examplenly one can witness a complete symphony between the different business processes, activities and feelings that are so very significantly link with the business that we are talking about here. Pertinent planning can help a particular(prenominal) company gain so much in accordance with its goals and objectives that had been planned and drafted but in the authorized times more and more attention and emphasis is making the rounds of the discussion as to whether these plans can in truth deliver what was expected of them in the first place. Thus management has the responsibility to plan, organize, lead and control the pertinent resources that are present indoors the realms of the government activityal contexts.Since the definition of management takes a clear cut cheek on the basis of finding the resources available at the memorial tablets disposal as tumesce as the strategic moves, tactical decisions and tasks and processes that occur withi n it, there is a dire need to produce sure that the top management knows what its business is all about and more significantly it must repair the same to the people who matter the most the middle tier of the organization which is also known as the knowledge organization. The classical management perspective relied heavily on the placing of tasks and activities on the middle and lower tiers within the organizations echelon. It focused more on carrying out the tasks at the lower levels and as such there was less accountability and answering when it came to the top management hierarchy present within the organization and indeed running the whole show. The same has changed and that too for the better so to speak. The classical management surmisal has completely faded out and the contemporary management perspective has superseded it on all counts. At the present, the die hard is supposed to be carried out by a basis of sharing and caring within the organizations regimes which was n ot the case say two decades down the road.In keeping with the organizational

Nataional Competetiveness Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Nataional Competetiveness - Term Paper ExampleThe four operators are, factor endowments, domestic require condition, related and supporting industries and structure, strategy and rivalry among firms (Hills and Jones 248). Figure 1 Diamonds Theory (Source Peng 135) concord to Porter, the above four factors constitute the diamond which is referred to as a jointly reinforcing scheme and therefore the agonistical advantage of the firm depends on the favorability of the diamond for the specific industry in which the firm belongs (Misra and Yadav 83). The paper negotiation about the political machine industry in America and is analyzed with the help of Porters National Competitiveness exemplification or the Diamond Theory. American Automobile Industry Factor experimental conditions/Endowment As stated in Porters Diamond Model, factors refer to the types of resources which are necessary for the industry and they are physical resources, human resources, capital resources, experience r esources and another(prenominal) infrastructure. The nation tends to come advantage where the factors are accepted and well mixed. The factor condition is get ahead divided into two, natural and advanced factors (Walker 178). The elevator car industry includes those companies which are involved in marketing, production and excessively maintenance of automobiles. As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the automobile sector had employed about 700,000 workers in 2011. The labor dynamics affects the employment level in industries such as plastics and steel manufacturing. The American automobile industry has been experiencing upward pressure with respect to wages and a downward pressure on benefits and is competing with other strong economies for skilled labors. In the recent ball-shaped financial turmoil which has also affected US, the automobile sector is unlikely to support comfortable living for the working class affecting the industrys ability to attract skilled workers, th us having negative impact on the competitive advantage (Basu, What Factors go the Labor Supply and Demand for the Automobile Industry?). However in the 20th century, the American automotive industry had maintained prominence in the domestic economy. The American auto industry had sprouted from enthalpy Ford and currently in its blooming stage. But the issue with workers remained the same (Wall 8). Domestic Demand Condition The home demand condition plays an important role in national competition as it tends to gain competitive advantage only if the demand from the domestic customers forces the industry to carry out innovation, lead the global market and gain profit. The US is in the process of recovery and the automobile sector has been contributing to a large extent. In 2012, the annual sales for automobiles along with light truck amounted to 14.8% higher compared to previous long time (Spross, The Comeback of the U.S. Auto Industry). America is a developed country with growing p opulation which operator that the industries are developed and has entered the matured stage. Retail sales in the US are boosted by demand from automobiles along with gasoline prices restricting the customers to spend on other goods. Some of the major automobile makers inform that the sales of cars increased 19.9%

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Micro Short Answer Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Micro Short Answer - Personal Statement ExampleThis in itself cannot determine the government agency of choice. Other factors are critical when making any scotch decision. These entangle opportunity be, credit market, prices and desires. The fulfillment of the fundamental needs depends on the desire with the market prices playing a critical aim. The purchase appearance depends on opportunity costs or tradeoffs. The credit market determines the ability to borrow and purchase items. For instance, community contract their spending whenever the high borrowing cost raises the consumption prices (Jiang 407). 2.0. Four preference categories A re origination category refers to the source that provides benefits to people. A resource category can be in the form of m onenessy, staff, advantage or asset. The four primary categories of resources include government, education, health and family, and business. i. Education acts as an investment in an economy. An sure economy highly depen ds on skilled, knowledgeable and educated workforce. Goods education is an indication of increased economic performance. ii. establishment is critical in creating jobs within the private sector and plays a significant role in determination projects. Whenever a particular government level funds a project, other levels of the government may be prompted to fund the same projects through private foundations and private capital funding. Government plays a significant role in fiscal stimulus package, monetary policy action, and other government interventions. iii. The family acts as a source of resource like labor, production and decision making. The population growth is a critical concept of political economy as it determines demand and supply. On the other hand, health determines productivity of the population/family. iv. Business provides services to people. These include supply of goods and services, harnessing of resource and other capital, provision of employment and preserves the natural resources among others (Jiang 410). 3.0. Scarce factors of production The study factors of production are land, labor and capital. Limited factors of production imply shortage of such resources. This indicates insufficiency of creative resources in an economy towards the fulfillment of human needs and attainment of goals. scarceness and its notion in economics. scarcity refers to seemingly having unlimited wants in an environment of limited resources. In economics, scarcity indicates a fundamental economic problem where the productive resources are insufficient in an economy. Economics relates to purposeful human action, and without scarcity, economics cannot suffice. Scarcity creates the need for people to consume. Abundance never creates the need for people to make tradeoffs. Scarcity enhances rationing and encourages competitive behavior where people compete for the scarce goods (Jiang 412). 4.0. Production possibilities curve and relationship to the law of increasin g costs Production possibility curve refers to the graph showing the combination of various joins of commodities producible using fixed amount of each factor of production. This graphically bounds production set for a group of fixed remark quantities. The curve indicates the maximum possible production level that defines the production ability. The increase in production of one good requires one to sacrifice a greater amount of another good. This is because of inequality in efficiency of resources. For instance, opportunity cost for producing j in terms of k

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Critically evaluate evidence obtained from a range of sources Essay

Critic tout ensembley evaluate evidence obtained from a range of sources demonstrating how it can inform manage - Essay ExampleIn Wales, the National Health Services (NHS) holds the mandate of providing a functional manakin that guides the entire social and health sector address the health needs of all the different groups. NHS withal sets the required standards of health care that the people of Wales should enjoy (National Service Frameworks, 20121). The organization came into place in prescribe to address the issue of inconsistency that had prevailed concerning the availability of and access to healthy care. Therefore, the organization has the special mandate of ensuring that a level of consistency does exist. In order to make its goals a success, the body sets up assessment measures of find the rate at which the departments and organizations involved meet their goals. Moreover, NHS has multiple programs that foster implementation of its goals. Upon defining the desired healt h standards, it becomes easy for the body to recognize and address the issues that arise (Pierson, 2011243). However, despite its efforts, the organization lacks the capacity of handling all the health issues of the people of Wales (Pierson, & Thomas, 2010185). The government of Welsh government has monitors and regulates the care delivery systems to its people (Welsh Government, Bill, 201220). It does this by designing policies, setting of standards, and inspection of service delivery programs and provision of funding to the local authorities. An independent mission looks into the delivery of social services in Wales and presents reports on the areas that need improvement (Independent Commission, 20108).According to recent statistics, a third of people in Wales live with a permanent condition reducing the quality of bearing that they lead. Moreover, a fifth of the entire population had disability issues in 2010 and the prevalence keeps increasing. Other researches indicated that the chances of disability change magnitude with age. This translates to the fact that the

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MANAGING AN EARLY YEARS SETTING Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

MANAGING AN EARLY YEARS SETTING - Assignment Exampleroles and responsibilities of the early years practitioners are identified and discussed in relation to the leadership and caution theory (Bullock & Brownhill 2011.p.201-207). The government, educators, teachers, parents, and other fosterage practitioners in the field of operation of early education and care have over the past years been faced with the question of credit of quality formal education in the early years setting. Therefore, in consideration of these necessity factors, this arena has been organized in the context of evaluating both early years setting education scenarios in elongation to the leadership and management theory. This is through the search for the understanding of the roles and responsibilities that various practitioners play in relation to the same. The two scenarios are the support for a child who has a significant medical condition and the support for a child who has additional educational needs (J ones & Pound 2008). The successful critique and evaluation of the leadership and management concepts in relation to the early years setting involved the conducting of a wide-ranging research from enlarge sources such as electronic databases, government legislations, search engines like Google Scholar and ERIC.In the recent past, on that point has been an increasing concern for embracing leadership in the management of schools and attainment of the set goals and visions for a exceptional institution. For effective practice in the early years setting of early education and care, it is important for the practitioners to make the link that exists between effective management, development of leadership in early education centers and the success of children in such centers (Jones & Pound 2008). By equipping practitioners in early education sector with requisite noesis and skills that can be used to lead and manage quality practice in the early education years setting will enable them to develop the capacities of children under their care successfully

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Constitutional and Administrative Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Constitutional and Administrative Law - Essay ExampleAn example is the legislation in the UK popularly known as the Civil Partnership Act of 2005 to protect the minority gay community from variety (Spilsbury, 2008).Under this spiel, it is stipulated that couples of the same sex have the same rights and privileges as those of heterosexual couples with regard to child word meaning as well as other family rights and therefore they can choose to acquire children provided legal processes are followed (Spilsbury, 2008). This is essential especially due to the f exertion that every person desires to have children whom they can share their have a go at it and wealth with. As it is known, it is biologically impossible for persons of the same sex to produce children of their own and since these marriages are recognise by law, the same law should not deny them of their rights. In the case of Martin and Neil, it is important to note that this act was active during the time when they adopte d their child and as such, they acted within the law. It is also necessary to note that the act of 2005 cannot be amended without a majority balloting of 75% of the House of Commons, and a similar vote in the House of Lords. It is therefore unfair, based on this, for the two houses to revoke the act in the grade 2010 by a simple majority of 51% and 52% without considering the social implications it would have on the bear on families who may have adopted children within the two years prior to the new act.However, it is important for Martin and Neil to generalize that the UK parliament is the supreme organ in the land with legislative powers that can not be challenged by any other political or judicial organ (Young, 2008). Having this supremacy means that it can purpose to make new laws or amend the existing ones regarding any issue which may come to its attending and neither the courts nor any other group or individual can override the legislation at once it

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Orwell Analysis Essay Example for Free

Orwell Analysis EssayIn the story from Shooting an Elephant, the actor George Orwell employs jeering and simile(s) to develop a nostalgic yet relieved attitude regarding shooting the elephant in order to rendering about imperialism. The occasions choice in the usage of irony reveals his sense of imperialism. In paragraph 11 the author George Orwell reports but I heard the devilish roar of glee that went up from the work party. The use of irony emphasizes the peer nip that the author felt by the Native people. The fact that the author has mixed feelings about the shooting of the elephant indicates that he doesnt know what to do.With the crowd roaring with excitement and happiness, they are expecting something to happen and in return he wants to achieve their happiness. Although he doesnt want to kill the elephant, he in addition doesnt want to disappoint the Natives. More so, he wants to gain their respect not that for him self, but for the white men as well. Therefore, he must kill the elephant to do so to head to his sense of imperialism in the village. The authors choice in the usage of similes to describe the death of the elephant also reveals his sense of imperialism. In paragraph 12 the author George Orwell reports The thick blood welled out of him like sanguine velvet, but still he did not die.Additionally later on after the shootings The tormented gasps continued as steadily as the ticking of a clock. The use of similes emphasizes the alleviating feeling that the author felt after he ultimately shot the elephant. The fact the author feels relieved indicates that he no longer has confusion about the decision that he had to make. If he was to kill the elephant he would have forefinger and feel superior. If he didnt kill the elephant, he would probably be despised even more than he already was. In some way he feels happy that he finally got it oer with but yet sympathetic at the same time because he is watching the elephant die easy in crucial pain.In conclusion, Orwells attitude toward the shooting of the elephant revolves around the idea that peer pressure and decision making is a hard thing to overcome. He didnt shoot the elephant for his own self or for his own satisfaction. He did it for the Natives so he could gain superiority, acknowledgment, and domination for the white men. With all of that the Natives finally respect him. However, they dont respect him for who he is, but what he had done and accomplished.

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Publius Virgilius Maro Essay Example for Free

Publius Virgilius Maro EssayAside from Christianity at that place is no other force that shape western civilization other than the Greco-Roman enculturation. And there is no better representation of that period in narration other than capital of Italy and Publius Viirgilius Maro, too known as Virgil. A closer examination of Virgil and his kit and caboodle make many to realize that Virgil was a byproduct of events and it is the twin forces of the Roman Empire and Hellenic history that prompted Virgil to write. This paper allow look into the two factors that influenced the writing of Publius Virgilius Maro. This toilette be d single by smell first at the events that transpired before Virgil began writing and this doer tracing back Hellenic and Roman history. The minute of arc way of knowing the connection between history and Virgils writings is to dig into his works and of course this means analyzing the Aeneid. It will be shown later that it is Roman history and kor that shaped Virgil to become the writer that he was destined to be. capital of Italy After to a strikinger extent than two thousand historic period the world is still magnetise by capital of Italy. It is because of its legacy, it military prowess, and form of giving medication. capital of Italy was without equal when it comes to how it help shape Western history.Yet in the early days of Roman history there is not much to see. There is nothing that could win an outsider ascertain its potential to be a dominant ruler of known world in antiquity. Ting Morris traced its early ripening in obscurity and he re kissered, Rome began around 2,800 years ago as a few sm both garnishtlements on wooded hills overlooking the Tiber River (4). merely then Rome began to distance itself from the Latin communities from which it was supposed to be a part of. What happens next began a series of development that will catapult this sm al unneurotic community into the world map, the roman Republic conquered first Latium, then all of Italy.The Romans annexed much foreign territory to their own state, but they also attained a dodge of alliances with all other states. This gave the Romans a vast reserve of manpower that allowed them to overthrow every major power in the Mediterranean (Mackay, 40). A new age has come and a new military superpower was born. except when the Romans began to assimilate remnants of Alexanders Empire, the new European power came face to face with an ancient civilization whose cleverness into religion, politics, and philosophy was outlying(prenominal) ahead of its time. In short the Romans, recognize something in Greek culture that was more impressive than anything Rome itself achieved, in spite of Romes unprecedented military success (Cox). At this point Rome was all brute force. Yes the soldiers led by the Caesars were brave, strong and argon very eager to make their mark in the battlefield but when it comes to culture, the Romans were barbari ans compared to the Greeks. The Romans discovered an effective methodology in fighting wars and they even had the decided advantage of knowing how to build an empire out of disparate tribes and nations.They were experts in campaigns that require traveling far from home and yet they lack whizz more thing. They did not befool a good system that can be put in place afterwards victory. This is similar to the idea that it is easy to kill a war but the more difficult thing to do is how to end it. So when Rome began to feel the success of empire building the more that they felt the need for a way of deportment that will enhance their reputation in Europe while at the same time scissure them an opportunity to enjoy purport more. They found the answer from the sophisticated Greeks.Virgil The Romans had to learn from the Greeks and their history can be characterized not only by empire building but also by the why they incarnate Greek thought and the Greeks way of life into their own unique system. straightaway there is n bingle better who beneathstood the need for assimilating Greek culture than the Roman intellectuals of that time. In fact, Among the adaptors of Greek culture, none was more brilliant than the poet Virgil. He faced a formidable challenge. Everyone who encountered Greek culture recognized how much it was shaped by Homer (Cox).This means that there is a great need to eliminate Homer and if this is not possible then at least equal Homers genius. If this can be achieved then the Romans had done something which other Greek imitators failed to do and that is to provide a great account statement for their existence. A myth has to be pissd, a legend has to be made and the purpose for such an movement is obvious. There is a need for something that will hold the empire together. At the time of writing the Aeneid, Rome was again in the cusp of revolution.Julius Caesar was defeated by Augustus Caesar and so steps must be made to consolidate his powe r and to strengthen the arm of the new emperor. For a brilliant man like Virgil, multiplication like this one is an opportunity that must be grabbed by both hands. Virgil proceeded to hit two birds with one stone. First he would write an epic that will explain the origins of Rome. He will do so by using stories that are already familiar among the people that he wants to see linkd under Augustus Caesar and during that time there was no other story quite like the one weaved by Homer centuries before.Virgil saw that epic shin for good and evil battles between grinderes and the self-sacrificial behavior of some heroes simply because they conceptualise in something higher than themselves proved to be a formula hard to resist. Virgil was ready to accept the challenge. But it is pull ahead from the beginning that it would not be an easy task. Aside from that Homer is a world unto itself. And as they say there is no way one can improve on perfection, the Iliad and the Odyssey are the b lueprints for creating great epics and so what else can be done to make it better.Virgil was able to solve this problem by universe inventive and by starting where Homer ended his story. When Troy fell, one of her sons went on to build another(prenominal) kingdom. But then again Virgil cannot escape the past. Virgil could not resist using a successful formula. As they say there is no need to fix what was broken. Judging from the power of the Iliad and the Odyssey to move people it is close out(predicate) not to use the same method and technique of telling a great story. And so Virgil copied many ideas from Homer. In the introduction to the Aeneid Levi Robert pointed out thatVirgil borrowed from Homer a great many items his verse form, the stratum into twelve books, mythology, many episodes and similes. In the Aeneid Venus doubles for Nausicaa, Dido for Calypso and Circe, and Drances for Thersites. The funeral games the desecent into Hades, where Aeneas meets Dido as Odysseus met Ajax, the prophecy of Anchises, the catalogue of ships, Turnus feat to burn them, a broken truce a quarrel of two Italian leaders and a final single combat (Robert, xiii). Aeneid The Aeneid is basically the story of Aeneas, the god-like leader of a band of Trojan refugees fleeing to Italy after the fall of Troy.In the beginning, Aeneas built a fleet with the goal in mind of settling in a foreign land and to finally establish a new nation of Trojans. In Virgils mind, he wanted the world to see the basis for the establishment of the Roman Empire. And there is nothing as perfect as that. Hornstein, Percy and Browns book, The Readers Companion to World Literature, was very right-hand in understanding the context from which Virgils Aeneid was write, and they said that it was written at a time of conflict. Italy was ravaged by more than fifty years of revolution and civil war.When the long-sought peace came, a new form of government was fashioned from a battle weary nation. And with the new set-up, ultimate power was in the hands of one man- Augustus Caesar. It was during this time that the Roman Virgil began working on the Aeneid. Hornstein, Brown and Percy wrote Vergil began the poem in 29 B. C. , two years after the battle of Actium brought this period of civil war to an end. He had long been preparing for the task. His purpose was national he desired to glorify the Roman people by his theme and exalt the Emperor in the somebody of his hero. (5)Homer Putnam acknowledge that Virgil is under the towering shadow of Homer when he made this judgment, Homer himself, against whose innate insights into humanity, Virgils own achievement will always be measured. Homers success allowed him to set the standard upon which others who will come after him will be forced to measure up. Allen Mandelbaum tells of how his previous record prevented him from fully appreciating Virgils works and he said, One was a tag line of mark train Doren that echoed through my youth with tenacious resonance Homer is a world Virgil, a style. It also did not help that the critics saw Virgil as write Homer, Gaskell said, The overall plan of Virgils epic was manifestly Homeric, with its main elements reversed now the odyssey of the man comes first and the armed fighting follows it but the Homeric parallels are many and obvious. (161). The only major dispute was that Homer was illiterate and therefore had to express the beauty of his verse line in oral reform. On the other hand Virgil was literate and he could study Homers Iliad and Odyssey in written form as well as compose his own epic and was able to write it down.This explains the difference in style but all the more strengthens the view that Virgil was strongly influenced by Homer. Conclusion Now the pieces of the puzzle begin to fall down into its proper places and one can now see the large picture. It was mentioned earlier that it was in 168 BC when the Romans began to conquer the remnants of Alexanders Emp ire and it is through the conquest of former Greek states that the Romans saw first hand the beauty that was Greece. In short the highly militaristic Romans lacked the cultural refinements that one can find in abundance in Greek societies.It is through the process of incorporating Greek culture into the Romans way of life that they rediscovered the power of Homeric poetry. It took the genius of Virgil to use Homers works and use it as the origination for his own epic. And so in 29 BC Virgil began writing the Aeneid with the purpose of emulating what Homer has achieved in Greece. Homers Iliad and Odyssey provided a sense of identity for all Greeks and Virgil was hoping to achieve the same results. But the desire to incorporate Greek life into Roman life is easier said than done.But everyone who will try to copy from someone begins by copying almost everything that one can see and the eye can appreciate. For instance the Romans copied the design of their temples and they also set fo rth their gods using the same attributes found in Greek society. But there is no need to disturbance because the Roman changed the Greek sounding names of their gods into Roman names for their statues. Virgil attempted to accomplish two major things when he wrote the Aeneid.He wanted to impress the new emperor (Augustus Caesar) and secondly he wanted to have a unique Roman epic that will help unite the people. Virgil was successful in achieving both. The hero of the Aeneid was behaving in much the same way as Augustus Caesar especially with regards to his conquest and the subsequent creation of a new nation out of that sheer determination to succeed. Now for the second part, Virgil was also able to create an epic that can be comparable to Homer. It is true that he copied many things from Homer and yet at the same time his stories were never simply a rehash of what Homer did.Virgil simply needed an brainchild to get going and he found it in the character of Aeneas whom Homer briefl y mentioned in his work. From this midget known character, Aeneid began to build a story that made the peoples pulse to race. It was indeed an epic story of battles, of struggle between good and evil, of heroes who most of the time failed to achieve their potential and sometimes die a sad death. The Aeneid is basically an explanation as to the existence of Rome. For many there is a need to have that soma of idea, that kind of emotional anchor in times of trouble.And there is no way to fully understand the impact of Aeneid towards the people of Rome. But one thing is sure Virgils work was able to unite the whole of the empire and is instrumental as to why the empire endured for so long. It is now very clear that that Virgil was influenced by historical events and the circumstances that surrounded his life. If there were two streams where these influences came from then Homer is a in good order source of inspiration while the politics and warfare in ancient Rome provided Virgil wi th more materials to use.In Romes struggle to carve out a nation in Europe was unadorned in Aeneid where the hero had to travel and faced with numerous risks just so he can establish a new nation. It was Homer who provided much influence for Virgil. If Homer did not produce the Iliad and Odyssey it is hard to consider Virgil able to make his own. This is not to take away anything form the accomplishments of Virgil but it would be almost impossible for him to write beautifully without Homer as guide. Homer did not only provide the seed from which Virgil will grow a powerful story, Homer also provided the correct format.And so putting it all together it is now very clear that Virgil was a byproduct of the events that surrounded him. Yet even before he was born, Homers influence and genius was already felt in many parts of the Western world. When Virgil was still very young it is easy to imagine that he was already familiar with the Iliad and Odyssey and no head the stories found in those epics help to shape the way he thinks.Works CitedAppelbaum, Stanley. Ed. The Aeneid by Vergil Trans. Charles J. Billson. Canada Dover Publications, 1995. Cox, John. entree to Virgil, The Aeneid. 2008. General Education at Hope College. 03 April 2008. http//www. hope. edu/academic/ids/171/Aeneid. html Gaskell, Philip. Ed. Landmarks in Classical Literature loot Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers, 1999. Hemminger, Bill. Exploring Ancient World Cultures Rome. 1997. EAWC at University of Evansville. 02 April 2008. http//eawc. evansville. edu/ropage. htm Hornstein, L. H. , G. D. Percy, and Calvin S. Brown. Eds. The Readers Companion to WorldLiterature New York Penguin Putnam, Inc. , 1973. Knight, G. R. Wilson. Trans. The Aeneid by Virgil New York Penguin Putnam, Inc. , 1956. Mackay, Christopher. Ancient Rome A Military and Political History. New York Cambridge University Press, 2004. Mandelbaum, Allen. Trans. The Aeneid by Virgil calcium University of California Press, 1971. Morford, Mark P. O. and Robert J. Lenardon. Classical Mythology 7th ed. New York Oxford University Press, 2003. Morris, Ting. Ancient Rome. MN Smart Apple Media, 2007.

Internet Cafe Administration and Monitoring System Essay Example for Free

lucre coffee bar Administration and Monitoring System Essay meshing cafes are genuinely abundant nowadays. Managing networked computers, payment, while in and time out of the client PCs are actually important especially to the cafe owner or employee. In a computer cafe, the recording of time is under the responsibility of the cafe owner or employee who must work consistently, timely, efficiently and patiently to leave his commerce work. Since formation computerization is becoming a trend, the cafe owner needs a system to serve its customers better and efficiently.How will an Administration and Monitoring System for Ledion Internet and Networking Cafe help the business manage the client pc start and end quantify efficiently and accurately? Ledion Internet Networking Cafe have their existing computerized system but is non reliable enough because there are times when the server automatically locks the client pc even when the time was not finished which the owner/employee was compel to write the time starts and ends of the client pcs in a hard copy of MS Excel sheet. Since the Ledion Internet Networking Cafe have its 3 branches. The main branch is located in 10th Avenue, Caloocan City abutting Caloocan City Hall the other 2 branches are situated near Our Lady of Fatima University and University of Santo Tomas. The owner was not well-informed of what is happening in his other cafes unless he calls the employees in charge in other branches. It is very beneficial for the owner to solve the common problems they encounter on their everyday operation in the cafe.

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Associate Level Material Essay Example for Free

Associate Level Material EssayIntroductionDue in Week One Give an overview of the company and the security goals to be achieved.1 Company overviewAs relates to your selected scenario, moderate a brief 100- to 200-word overview of the company.Sunica Music and Movies is a multimedia corporation that currently has foursome locations. Due to hole-and-corner(a) inventory, no internet commerce, and other factors they have been losing more and more customers. By set up a demented, they exit be able to defend track of their inventory better. They entrust also be able to keep their finances in order. There are also plans to make it where people can order online. In the end the company is going to make true that their network is fully functional for all four stores, be secure for their customers, and protect all the assets of the company with a proper plan and proper security.2 security measures policy overviewOf the different types of security policiesprogram-level, program-fram ework, Issue-specific, and system-specificbriefly cover which type is appropriate to your selected business scenario and why.I feel that bulge specific would be the proper system to use for this company. The problems they have are restoration specific and can be solved by addressing specific issues. By fixing each issue seprately, they testament be able to become the safe and reliable company they want to be.3 Security policy goalsAs applies to your selected scenario, explain how the confidentiality, integrity, and availability principles of information security will be addressed by the information security policy.1 Confidentiality curtly explain how the policy will protect information.By installing a WAN, Sunica makes sure that the inforamtion stays within the company itself. That make it more difficult for hackers to infiltrate their system.2 IntegrityGive a brief overview of how the policy will provide rules for authentication and verification. Include a description of formal methods and system transactions.This system will make sure that their is no unauthorized admission charge to any of the information. It will also keep logs to where if anything does go wrong they can pinpoint exactly where and when it happened. It will also stay updated to the point where there wont be any unneccesary issues.3 AvailabilityBriefly describe how the policy will address system back-up and recovery, access control, and tint of service.By having a WAN the company will maintain all control of their system. Which will make backup of the system easier. And it will also allow them to be able to recover anything lost with more ease. And finally it allows tem to make sure that everything stays up to date so that the material will always be accesible and at the highest quality possible.ReferencesCite all your references by adding the pertinent information to this section by following this example.American mental Association. (2001). Publication manual of the American Psycholo gical Association (5th ed.). Washington, DC Author.

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When Socrates meets Confucius Essay Example for Free

When Socrates meets Confucius EssayWhen Confucius met SocratesIt is world-renowned that Confucius and Socrates are the top-ranking philosophers. They are both authorities in their own field of their countries. Nevertheless, there have been some arguments about the conflicts between the Chinese polish and Western thoughts. Speaking of the differences between the Chinese and the west, there must be some reasons for it. Initially, in my book, the conflicts fore from the different history. We all know that European civilization consists of immigration culture, that is to say, Europe is a mixture of wad around the world and diverse customs. Wildness is their nature. Another factor I reckon attributing to the differences is the different tone styles they lead. For instance, it is plain to see that people in Europe often go traveling or camping site with their family, even if they have to loan. Hence, enjoying the present may be their first choice. Chinese, on the contrary, can wo rk diligently first in order to make enough money and enjoy their life. See, heres the difference. So, what should be our attitudes towards the conflicts?From my perspective, we can learn part of the western culture. Cuz we know that the world is becoming increasingly globalizing, so, we need to boom our culture to catch up with the western culture. Meanwhile, we ought to spread our culture to the world. Since we have splendid culture, we are make to make it known to others. No matter whether it is Confucius or Socrates, what we need to do is to treat them objectively and equally. And thats my opinions about the topic. Thanks.

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Implementing ERP Solution Projects in SMBs Essay Example for Free

Implementing ERP Solution Projects in SMBs renderManaging and developing intellectual capital in many of todays organizations is becoming the greatest asset. contrasting firms of different sizes operating in different sectors are seeking a way of performing this get a line effectively and expeditiously. Among the different tools under considerations, many consider Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software packages meaty tools to effectively manage, retain and share friendship among stakeholders at tout ensemble echelons. ERP implementation causes changes to the receiving organization given its width and integrity.As a result challenges which results into additional risks and realization of new opportunities arise and proper action mustiness be taken to avert or reinforce the challenge for better results. ERP solution dust is as an opportunity for bloodline entities whether small or heroic to use software employments that are specifically knowing to upgrade the va rious business functions and attain the best business practices (Markus and Tanis, 2000, Marnewick and Labuschagne, 2005).Effective implementation of ERP software applications ensures that the major functional parts of a business enterprise are linked together in a common amalgamated software system (Sandoe et al, 2001, Rao 2000). This process makes it possible for the business activities to be instigated more efficiently and cooperation among the workers becomes more effective through the interactive information system. The process of implementing ERP in Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) is harry with extra challenges and opportunities repayable to their specialty.The SMBs have limited financial and human resources, limited experience in project management and sometimes limited managerial competencies which determines the agility of their operations. Problem Statement Implementing ERP, projects require specialized application because they affect the receiving organization to di fferent degrees. In implementing an ERP, solution divisions and departments in spite of appearance an organization have to be co-ordinated into a single business platform, which affects the business model and the organization culture (Markus and Tanis, 2000).This makes the project risky and intricate. out-of-pocket to global business factors, economic expansion and IT revolution ERP solutions are becoming a requirement for business success. SMBs being key players in the economic activity are not left out in this competition. However, the process and success stories of ERP solutions in SMBs is lacking as past studies mainly focused on the large scale enterprises ERP solution process and application.In addition, the present trend of ERP solution project implementation by SMBs in the diverse business sectors and industries calls for the exploration of the opportunities and challenges of Implementing ERP Solution Projects in SMBs to pave way for the identification of slipway of avoi ding or minimizing losses in the implementation process (Soh et al, 2000). SMBs organization structures and organizational cultures are not all well defined. This coupled with the rigidity of the organization structure and culture present serious challenges to the implementation of ERP projects in SMBs.Additionally ERP projects are more successful in easy to change and agile organizations. However, unlike in large companies, the senior management team of the SMBs is normally part of the daily business operations and lacks in-depth knowledge and skills necessary to have organized long-term plans for the business and even the adoption of ERP solution projects. Similarly showtime capital base and lack of properly trained personnel have remained a major change of mind in the running of the functions of SMBs. This problem is compounded by lack of sufficient funds to sustain instruct and engage quality consultants in such trainings.According to Sandoe et al (2001) many SMBs lack dedica ted IT ply able to perform the risk management function exposing major business operations to unnecessary risks. Likewise, within internal functions of a SMB, organizational changes that would give room for adoption of technology are limited due to lack of unused resources. The impact of unsuccessful implementation of ERP solution to a SMB are said to be greater to the entire operations of the business enterprise while the success of wisely implemented ERP system will have a whole organizational positive impact (Rao 2000).

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The Internet And The Democratic Process Essay Example for Free

The profit And The republi behind Process EssayThe meshwork has literally revolutionized the way we live, radically changing the way we sop up and disseminate information. It has had dramatic effects on business, education, and society in general, entirely the focus of this paper leave be on how the meshing has affected the antiauthoritarian process of election. In recent years, the way campaigns brace been run by candidates has changed dramatically, as they return had to shift a large percentage of their resources and attention to the cyberspace and its umpteen venues for reaching potential voters. Beyond campaigning, however, the Internet has also affected the way people vote. well(p) as how the Internet helps consumers decide on product choice, it has also aided semipolitical aspirants to market their credentials, and at the same time, help the voters know much well-nigh the candidates. During the 1994 mid-term elections, thousands of voters preferred the electro nic mail as the fomite for asking questions from candidates than television appearances which were often dependent on sound bites, and did non comprehensively present the positions of the candidates on important issues. Special interest groups have also joined the campaign by providing online information about candidates such as the League of Women Voters and the California Online Voter Guide (Tapscott, 1999).In 2000, the role of the Internet in politics was elevated to a higher and more serious level when it was used in the democratic presidential primary in Arizona. During this primary, al some half of the voters cast their votes by the Internet (Weare, 2002). They were the first land in our country (and this was 8 years ago now) to implement what is called e- vote, which was intended to simplify the voting process, make it easier for votes to be cast from anywhere where there is an Internet connection. The implications are staggering, as e-voting would result in many votes be ing cast that previously would non have been, simply because so many people did non take the time to actually make their way to the canvas.Apart from increasing participation in the most important democratic process, which is the elections, the Internet may also decrease the cost of political transaction not only on the part of the voters but also on the part of the politicians. Specifically, election campaign with the Internet can prove to be less costly in a state-wide or nation-wide campaign, and veritable(a) more effective in terms of getting the politicians message across to the voting public since discussions are open and there are no constraints in providing campaign information through e-mails. True enough, the Internet also allows for more simplified communication between the people and their representatives.According to the substance for Governmental Studies, an organization that researches ways to improve government, the Internet can revitalize American democracy b y encouraging two-way communications from candidate to candidate, from voter to candidate, and from voter to voter (Shane, 2004). It is also interesting to take note that Internet can also be used in generating campaign funds. For instance, Howard Dean became a frontrunner during the 2004 Democratic primaries due to the millions he was able to raise through an e-mail campaign (Wheeler, 2004).Equally important in a meaningful democracy is the freedom of the people to articulate their interests and opinions, that is made possible by the tender forums on the Internet that provide places for political discussions and debates. in that location are literally millions of sites, discussion boards, and forums that are intermediate by the people themselves for the purpose of disseminating information and contributing to the discussion of political issues (Saco, 2002). Because there is no counseling or control, like there is with the media, we see a wider range of opinions being expressed . Yes, there is more ignorance, but there is also more opportunity to be heard, and there is less fear that an underlying slash is behind the source of every message.Essentially, the Internet has become a place of extremely open communication where millions of people are now going to get their information about politics and the election process. This openness has become the new driving force behind our democracy, and todays presidential hopefuls have surely taken notice of this, using the Internet to their advantage as often as they can. In a YouGov America Survey of 3,500 internet users a week before the 2004 presidential elections, it was noted that about 12% of Americans who had internet access sent an e-mail on the elections, voters under the age of 24 trusted online media than the television, and until now senior voters actively visited political websites or weblogs by politicians (Wheeler, 2004).Interestingly, there are many who are more conservative and skeptical about t he impact of the Internet on democratic processess. For example, there is supposedly a cultural divide between the people who use the Internet and those who do not, as some can afford it and some cannot. Essentially, it is argued that there is an Internet class, and a non-Internet class of U.S. citizens so what happens on the Internet is not a true representation of the countrys collective opinions and people (Shane, 2004). However in an innovative economy wherein the Internet becomes a public good, this argument may no longer be tenable.There is also a question about the authenticity of the communication process because we can never be sure if we are dealing with genuine people or with those who are only taking advantage of the anonymity in the Internet. Users should also be cautious about the authenticity of the information that is also effectuate in the Internet, because, being too open, it had also been used to propagate lies, unhealthy propaganda and misinformation. Poll sur veys have also become an instant and daily occurrence in the internet which was supposed to represent opinions on certain issues, even though there are not enough checks on the authenticity of the voter. Still, these polls are being used to shape public opinion.Though it is true that the Internet can be easily be subjected to abuse, what is important is that through this media, more political preferences are being articulated by the people and the people have access to the political information that they need it is only up to their political wisdom how to make this technology more beneficial to them.ReferencesSaco, D. (2002). Cybering majority rule Public Space and the Internet. Minneapolis University of Minnesota Press.Shane, P. M. (Ed.). (2004). Democracy Online The Prospects for Political Renewal through the Internet. New York Routledge.Tapscott, Don. (1999). The Digital Economy Promise and Peril in the board of Networked Intelligence. The Industrial Age Democracy by the Allian ce for Converging Technologies. Accessed at http//www.virtualitaet.de/stadt/internet/indage_bureaucracy on 03/03/2008.Weare, C. (2002). The Internet and Democracy The Causal Links between Technology and Politics. International Journal of Public Administration, 25(5), 659+.Wheeler, Bryan. (2004, August 12). The Internet and Elections. BBC News Online. Accessed at http//newsvote.bbc.co.uk on 03/03/2008.

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Development through life stages Essay Example for Free

Development by dint of intent stages EssayDiscuss the character- erect debate in relation to the festering of the individual (M1) Evaluate how nature and nurture whitethorn affect the physical, intellectual, delirious and fond learning of two stages of the development of the individual (D1). Nature bum be loosely defined as catching inheritance or the genetic makeup (the education encoded in your genes) which a person inherits from some(prenominal) p atomic number 18nts at the time of conception and carries throughout life. Several things in an individual genetically inherits include ranging from gender, eye colour, risks for legitimate diseases and exceptional talents to height. The concept of nature thus refers to bio system of logically patrimonial tendencies and abilities that pack take a shit and which whitethorn get revealed later on as they grow up. kindle deal be defined as the different environsal factors to which a person is subjected from birth t o death. in that location argon more environmental factors. They include two physical environments and neighborly environments. Some theorists bank that people be invite as they do according to genetic predispositions or even because of animal instincts. This is known as the nature theory of valet behaviour. Other theorists believe that people think and behave in certain(prenominal) modalitys because they ar taught to do so.This is known as the nurture theory of human behaviour. (www.yourenglish littleons.wordpress.com) Nature refers to the inherited (genetic) characteristics and tendencies that influence development. Some inherited characteristics appear in virtually e trulyone. All children have a aim of universal human genes that, when coupled with a reasonable environment, permit them to develop as reasonably capable members of the human species. Inherited characteristics and tendencies are non always evident at birth. Many physical features start gradually through the process of maturation, the genetically guided changes that occur over the course of development. Environmental support, and antiphonal care from others, is necessary for maturation to take place. Childrens experiences in the environment affect all aspects of their existence, for pil small-scale slip the health of their bodies or the curiosity of their minds. sustain affects childrens development in many ways.With good environmental support, children thrive. Unfortunately, the conditions of nurture are not always nurturing. For example, children who grow up in an abusive family must go steady outside the family for stable, affectionate care. It is known that your genetics determine what you get out look like and even your height. however your heightand looks finish be changed if a person doesnt eat properly or are in an accident. People can become anorexic, obese, anaemic etc. And all of these can affect how a person looks and their height. If a child is malnourished the n this can cause their growth to deteriorate and they may develop problems like rickets. By looking at adoption studies it is shown that indistinguishable twins share standardized news show service whether they are brought up together or not. With this data we can make an argument that genetics has a greater influence in the intelligence of identical twins as well as the environment. Your IQ which is determined by your genes can similarly be affected by the environment somewhat an individual. If a person has not got as good school opportunities as another person with the same(p) determined IQ, if they perhaps cannot go to a good as school as them or if their teachers are not as good as the other then theyre IQ willing not be as developed as the other person which means that nurture excessively plays a spell in a persons IQ. (www.boundless.com)However in recent historic period on that point has been a growing realization that the disbelief of how much behaviour is due to h eredity and how much to environment may itself be the wrong question. Take intelligence as an example. Like almost all types of human behaviour it is a complex, many-sided phenomenon which reveals itself (or not) in a great variety of ways. The how much question assumes that the variables can all be expressed numerically and that the issue can be resolved in a quantitative manner. The reality is that nature and culture interact in a host of qualitatively different ways. (McLeod 2007) Nature vs. nurture could refer to really talented people. One reason given for their being so gifted at learning and acquiring information might be that its in their genes. They have really intelligent parents a utmost IQ i.e. their genetic makeup has enabled them to be intelligent. And likewise, you might show the opposite for very unintelligent people. (Nature) Whereas some people might argue that its how that person is raised. The childs parents gave him all kinds of means to learn with, or encour aged his education from an early age, etc.The less intelligent childs parents, on the other hand, kicked him outside all day, kept him from school, called him stupid, etc. ( harbor) In my opinion, both nature and nurture have an effect on the development of an individual. Having read both sides, I in person believe that thence nature does have a substantial equal on the holistic development of theindividual. In my opinion, our personalities are related to our genetics. I have a very similar temperament to my father, which supports my view. My sis on the other hand, has a temperament which is very similar to my mums. Also, I believe that our intelligence is genetically driven. Some people are graphicly more intelligent than others and this cannot be disputed. Of course, nurture with regards to intelligence and temper is also of the essence(predicate). If a child experiences a lack of support with their education, they may not cause to the best of their ability. With that being said however, the level of support that the child receives does not really alter their inbred ability. Also, an individual may suffer a negative experience in their upbringing.This may consequent in their development being altered or different. Peer pressure also exists and therefore we must direct all of these extra factors regarding the development of individuals. Researchers have uncovered convincing links between parenting styles and the effects these styles have on children. During the early 1960s, psychologist Diana Baumrind conducted a study on more than 100 preschool-age children (Baumrid, D. (1967) child-care practices anteceding three patterns of preschool behaviour. Genetic psychology monographs, 75, 43-88).Using naturalistic observation, parental interviews and other research methods, she identified four important dimensions of parenting disciplinary strategies, passion and nurturance, communication styles and expectations of maturity and control. Based on these d imensions, Baumrind suggested that the majority of parents display one of three different parenting styles. plainly research by Maccoby also suggested the addition of a fourth parenting style (Maccoby, E.E. (1992). The role of parents in the culture of children An historical overview. Developmental psychology, 28, 1006-1017) The four parenting styles areAuthoritarian parenting in this style of parenting, children are expected to embrace the strict rules evidenceed by the parents. Failure to follow such rules usually results in punishment. Authoritarian parents intermit to explain the reasoning behind these rules. If asked to explain, the parent might simply reply, because I said so. These parents have high demands, however are not responsive to their children. Authoritarian parenting styles generallylead to children who are obedient and proficient, barely they rank lower happiness, social competence and self-esteem. Authoritative parenting like authoritarian parents, those w ith an authoritative parenting style establish rules and guidelines that their children are expected to follow. However, this parenting style is much more democratic. Authoritative parents are responsive to their children and willing to get wind to questions. When children fail to meet the expectations, the parents are more nurturing and forgiving rather than punishing. Authoritative parenting styles tend to result in children who are happy, capable and successful (Maccoby, 1992.)Permissive parenting bailable parents, sometimes referred to as indulgent parents, have very few demands to make of their children. These parents rarely discipline their children because they have relatively low expectations of maturity and self-control. According to Baumrind, permissive parents are more responsive than they are demanding. They are non-traditional and lenient, do not require mature behaviour, ply considerable self-regulation, and avoid confrontation (1991). Permissive parents are general ly nurturing and communicative with their children, often taking on the status of a friend more than that of a parent. Permissive parenting often results in children who rank low in happiness and self-regulation. These children are more seeming to experience problems with authority and tend to perform seedy in school. Uninvolved parenting An uninvolved parenting style is characterized by few demands, low responsiveness and little communication. enchantment these parents fulfil the childs basic needs, they are generally detached from their childs life. In extreme cases, these parents may even reject or neglect the needs of their children. Uninvolved parenting styles rank final across all life domains. These children tend to lack self-control, have low self-esteem and are less competent than their peers. It is extremely important for a parent to demonstrate good parenting skills. How parents interact with their child affects their development in a significant way. How a child is br ought up could affect the childs social skills, they could turn out to be too shy, suffer anxiety, get nervous around people or even become mute depending on their situations at home. If a child is bought up in a home with violence, they could grow up thinking that it is the normal thing to do. Similarly, if a child is brought up in a very stable and loving household, this couldenable them to be happier and enjoy life more and this could also help bring out their personality and feelings. I believe that this suggests that a persons personality does take an effect on how they deal with their environmental surroundings and the person that they will grow to become. Nurture can significantly restore an adults activated and social development.If someone was treated gravely as a child, this may reflect on their personality and behaviour as an adult. The individual may be withdrawn and depressed. This could be caused by the negative experiences they had in their childhood. Also, if an a dult is obese it may be as a result of nurture. If a child is brought up being allowed to eat nothing but junk food, they will consider this type of eating as normal. As a result of this, nurture has a significant extend to on the physical development of a child and indeed an adult, with regards to obesity. We could argue however, that obesity is genetic and that is where nature is to blame. In a study that included more than 5,000 identical and non-identical twin pairs, researchers found heredity to be a much bigger predictor of childhood obesity than lifestyle. They concluded that three-quarters of a childs risk for becoming overweight is due to genetic influences, while just downstairs a quarter of risk can be attributed to environment.Either way, both nature and nurture can have an impact on the physical development of an individual. (www.webmd.co.uk) I believe that if a child has openhanded up in a rough area then it will be more likely that they might get into trouble with the police, in school etc. This may be because they have seen erstwhile(a) children or maybe even adults do something they shouldnt and this influences them to do the same. Drink and drugs may influence asocial behaviour. If antisocial behaviour is seen as normal you may end up repeating the cycle. However, it is the parents responsibility to make sure that their child is safe. Therefore, I believe that environmental factors can change how a child behaves depending for example on where they live and what kind of people they are exposed to. I personally do not believe there is a correct answer to this debate. There is no way to prove how much influence each has in forming who we are, so we have to rely on logic and research that has been conducted regarding the issue.But each side has different interpretations of what evidence is available. I do believe however, that both nature and nurture play a significant part in our personal development but I believethat they are equally as im portant, there is no better theory. I believe that you are born with certain genetic traits and predispositions which influence how you react to your environment. Your environment shapes the person you are because it presents you with choices, challenges, and opportunities. Your genetic traits provide you with strengths and weaknesses. It is how you utilize those strengths to overcome the challenges, and take advantage of the opportunities, and of course the choices that you make that ultimately make you who you are. How does nature/nurture affect the development of Miya at 5 years old? Nature has a significant impact on the physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of Miya. During this stage of childhood, Miya will be going through a period of growth. Miyas physical development will be determined by her genes and this cannot be controlled.Growth is pre-determined by nature and therefore, it cannot be changed or stopped. Nurture also has a significant impact on Miyas holistic development during this stage of her life. Parenting has a huge impact on her intellectual, emotional and social development. If Miya is fed a lot of junk food by her parents, then nurture would be responsible for her becoming overweight. Unless Miya is genetically programmed to become overweight, this would be at the fault of her parents for allowing her to eat too many unhealthy foods, and not providing her with a balanced diet. Also, nurture will impact significantly on Miyas intellectual development. If she is encouraged to complete her homework e.g. by doing reading or simple maths with her parents, Miya will benefit intellectually. Also, if Miyas parents did not take the time to do these activities with Miya her intellectual development may negatively be affected by nurture. In terms of emotional and social development, nurture is significantly important at this stage of Miyas life.If Miya is shown love, she will feel emotionally secure and accepted by her parents. Mi ya will be able to trust her parents and will expect affection and love from others if she is used to getting that at home. On the other hand however, if Miya experiences abuse from her parents, this can have devastating consequences on her emotional and social development both at this stage in her life and in the future. If Miya experiences abuse, she may have problems swear people and this could continue on to her adulthood. How does nature/nurture affect the development of Miya at 14 years old? Nature/ Nurture have asignificant impact on Miyas physical, intellectual, emotional and social development during this stage of the lifespan. In terms of her physical development, Miya will be going through puberty during this stage of her life. Puberty is controlled by nature. Puberty is genetically programmed, Miya cannot change that puberty will ascertain as it is determined by nature the individual cannot change that it will eventually occur. Nature also affects Miyas intellectual de velopment. Miya will have a specific IQ which will determine her natural intelligence. Of course, through nurture, Miya can make the most of her IQ e.g. by encouragement to study, parents providing resources etc. but, her IQ cannot actually be changed as it is determined by nature.Miyas IQ will be developed by nature, but it will be supported through the nurture she receives in her life. For example, by her parents and teachers supporting her to come upon her best possible outcomes in school. Nurture will have a major impact on the emotional and social development of Miya. During this time, peer pressure and the influence of her friends will be huge. As a result of peer pressure, Miya may engage in activities that she otherwise may not have considered (drinking, drugs etc.) With regards to her development, this may have a negative impact as Miya will most likely not be truly happy with the decisions she makes. The internet and social media will also have a significant impact on the development of Miya both socially and emotionally. Facebook will be a very important part of Miyas life as she will want to keep in contact with friends by victimisation this social networking site. If Miya uses Facebook correctly, it could be a positive experience.However, sometimes Facebook can result in bullying which could negatively impact on her social and emotional development at this point in her life. Nurture can also have an impact on the type of friends Miya may have. If Miyas parents are strict, they may remove who she is allowed to/ not allowed to be friends with. This will affect Miyas emotional and social development. If Miya is not allowed to socialise with certain people, she may become upset with the decisions her parents have made for her.Miya may rebel against her parents if she feels she hasnt got enough freedom. If her parents are too strict, she may withdraw from talking to them as she might feel they will judge her. As a result of this, Miya may not discus s concerns/worries she has and this could have a very negative impact on her emotional development. On the other handhowever, if Miyas parents set reasonable boundaries the relationship may be better. Miya may feel more comfortable talking to her parents if they are not too strict. Also, Miya may be happier socially too. If she is allowed to socialise with who she wants, she will not feel the need to rebel against the restrictions that her parents create.ReferencesMcLeod, S. A. (2007). Nature Nurture in Psychology. Retrieved from http//www.simplypsychology.org/naturevsnurture.html (accessed 17/11/14) https//www.boundless.com/psychology/textbooks/boundless-psychology-textbook/intelligence-11/measuring-intelligence-62/genetic-and-environmental-impacts-on-intelligence-243-12778/) (accessed 19/11/14) http//yourenglishlessons.wordpress.com/2009/10/25/nature-vs-nurture-are-we-really-born-that-way/ (accessed 19/11/14) http//www.webmd.co.uk/children/news/20080211/nature-trumps-nurture-in-ch ild-obesity (accessed 24/11/14)

Cycle of Abusive Families Essay Example for Free

Cycle of Abusive Families EssayThe story of A g-force Acres written by Jane Smiley is non at exclusively unfamiliar to some Ameri toilet families. succession the story tells about the male char speller representing a negative typical figure of demoralise and the female character as the victim of rage and lack of compassion may be fictional in disposition, this kind of story also happens in real life (Smiley 12). Love, security, and safety ar words norm everyy utilise to describe a office base. Some deal say that home is where the heart is. From the daily labor of life, people seek refuge in the confines of the place they call their receive. However, non all homes replica peace and harmony among family members. non all home sticks a safe place to return to. Not all homes ar filled with laughter. Not all homes key ane proud. As a nestling, I get used to playing al atomic number 53. Within the four corners of my dark bedroom, I nourish larn to take place itinerarys of how to make myself happy as I tried hard to get numb from tone the bruises on my body and sluice just for a mend forget about menace I get from seeing blood drop out of my skin. Mom said that soda water recognizes me that is wherefore when he learned that I was non performing academically advantageously in school, he has to hit me to prompt me that I had not been a good boy.I believe her. I shoot down myself for not being adequate to completely understand my lessons because I hatfulnot concentrate on reviewing term I hear soda pop cursing mom in surrounded by beatings small-arm mom screams her heart out from the pains she extend. If Dad has to lock me up inside my room, I cannot blame him because it was my fault. If he had to switch the lights off while I train to read my books, I cannot blame him because it was my fault. If he bequeath not deliver Mom to m otherwise some food inside my room because I had just been punished for my misfortunate grades, I cannot blame him because it was my fault.Dad punishes me because I deserve it. He does all these things because he cognizes me. I came to believe that fathers normally act this way because Dad once said that my grandfather does the same things with him when he was my age. Perhaps, children fuck off to go all through this to feel the love their fathers arrive for them. But I was wrong. Dad has no right to scandalize me or Mom. He is a father and a husband, not the enemy. Love is not supposed to be rendered by inflicting harm on the other. Love is not supposed to leave wounds that even sequence cannot afford to mend.I never had a happy childhood. Now that I am a bragging(a) up, I must admit that I am still struggling with the pains that my father has caused me. I know that it takes time. I am also aw be, that while I try to leave all the unwholesome memories stool, some of the bitterness in my heart will be here to stay. My father has been hanker gone. He died of colon cancer. Since his demise, Mom and I tried our best to put ourselves and our lives back to pieces. It was utterly hard, but our love for each other availed each of us to live life anew.Neighbors, relatives, and friend also extended their help to us. Coping up entails a long process to rec everywherey. Nonetheless, it was all worth it. Life has not been flourishing as I used to be hunted by my past. However, my fetch has allowed me to extend help to those who happen upon themselves on the same path I used to cross. I devote my time in breeding more about national forcefulness. In this way, I can cause a change to other peoples lives in my own little way. From my own personal experience, I learned so many things I could not have otherwise known.My life may not be desirable at all but I am so proud to have surfaced from it nonetheless. The things I learned from my own life story are the very same things I want to leave behind when I am gone. I learned that I am entitled t o live in a place where I can be safe. I have the right to stay inside a home free from military group of any kind. I am free to commit mistakes. No one has the right to tell me that I am useless. I am supposed to live my life match to my rules following my own decisions. I deserve respect for my intelligence. I am entitled to chase my own dreams.I am supposed to attend to my personal needs as a person. It is unfair for me to perch in a relationship where my personal welfare is in no way considered. It is important for me to dispute my concerns particularly with people whose behavior impairs wellbeing. I am entitled to decide things on my own. While I have the right to designate my opinion, I also have the right to withhold them if ever I decide to do so. Fulfilling the needs of people who has inflicted pain on me is not in any way my obligation. Violence in the family is not something new.Perhaps, since time immemorial, family violence has already existed. However, it was lon esome(prenominal) during the modern times, that societies started to acknowledge its macrocosm and regarded it as a social hassle. The World Health Organization regarded violence in the family as a global health concern in the year 2002 (Barnett, Perrin, and Perrin 2). It is easy to count on of the family as being relatively immune from violence, a place of safe harbor, a place of sustenance and care. The idea that a reboot or a married person would intentionally and knowingly inflict injury on a love one is counterintuitive.A parent is supposed to protect and care for a child. Spouses are supposed to love and cherish each other. We know, however, that practically the family is a source of maltreatment and violence. We read about maltreatment inwardly families in the newspapers, and we see news stories about it on television. Many of us know people who have been maltreat by family members or we ourselves have been ill-use, or we have learned abuse between our parents. We know family violence exists. Identifying the earthyality of violence in the family is a difficult task.Calculating family violence is naturally problematic, primarily since there is a little conformity among those who collect data as to on the dot what makes up domesticated violence. unheeding of definitional consensus, the fact remains that most domestic violence takes places inside the confines of a home. It is commonly concealed, overlooked, or ignored. The U. S. Department of Health and Human Services as well as the Federal Bureau of probe finds it hard to accurately identify the statistics of family violence because not all cases are reported for reasons beyond their crack (Barnett, Perrin, and Perrin 3).When researchers attempt to deal with the issue of frequency of domestic violence utilizing self-report surveys, the data they collect proves to be of necessity insufficient. Some victims may find it hard to remember childhood maltreatments and those who are currently suffering from domestic violence may not regard, may guide not to regard, or may be ineffectual to report the abuses they endure at home. In this light, statistics of domestic violence must be treated with caution. Identifying precisely and accurately how much violence exists in the American society seem almost impossible.Violence in the family may appear to be unpredictable, merely a sudden occurrence associated to the moment as well as to the circumstances under which the people interested find themselves into. As a matter of fact, violence traces a distinctive pattern regardless of the time when it took place or who is involved. The roulette wheel of violence recurs every time the level of the maltreaters violence rises. At each stage in the cycle, the abuser takes full control of his or her actions and tries to manipulate and further isolate the victim.To be able to effectively extend the concerns of the abused, it is vital to have a good understand the cycle of violence as well as of how the mind of the abuser works. In this way, the abused recognizes that he or she is not the one at fault. The cycle of violence begins with the set up. It is followed by the act of abuse itself. Afterwards, the abuser suffers from feelings of guilt and revenge. It is then followed by rationalization. The abuser then shifts to a charming behavior. Thereafter, the abuser contemplates on how to carry out the next act of violence on his or her victim.The act of violence can be manifested in various forms. The abuser behaves ferociously in the intention to show his or her victim who is in control. When the assault has been done, the abuser feels guilty not for his or her actions but for fear of facing the consequences of what he or she has done. This is where the abuser begins to rationalize his or her actions. The abuser does so in order to shift the blame on others. When the abuser starts to complete some other plot of ground of abuse, he or she creates a situation wh erein justification can be made as to why the assault happened in the first place.Violence in the American society is not at all new. Wars, riots, gangland slayings, political assassinations, or rape cases are different types of violence familiar to Americans. However, surprisingly, the American home is perhaps as or more godforsaken as compared to ay singular American institution. They run the great encounter of murder, somatogenetic injury, or assault inside the confines of their own homes inflicted by their own family members. crossways the country this is borne out by official crime statistics. Stories of ill-treated children and maltreated wives are rampant full to be labeled as child abuse and wife abuse. Approximately millions women and children ill-treated and abused by family members each year are only the tip of the iceberg identified as violence between family members (Straus, Gelles, and Steinmetz 4). Brothers and sisters beat, stab, and shoot each other. There are husbands who are struck and beaten by their wives, and even grandparents are battered by their own children. Violence in one generation affects and encourages violence in another generation. In many families, perhaps a majority of violent families, violence is not even considered verboten or wrong. Rather, it is an accepted and integral part of the way the family functions.Wife abuse and child abuse have captured public concern because of the terms themselves and because they involve terribly violent acts with damaging consequences for the victim. However, abuse is only one extreme end of the continuum of violence in the family, which, for many reasons, never is publicly identified as abuse. Our contract was to study a signifier of forms of violence, including some which many people do not consider violent, such as spanking a child. These are some of the frequently asked and most important questions, which unfortunately, we still cannot dissolvent with any certainty.There is no real way of knowing whether families have become more violent in the last decade of the last century. One could use official police, hospital, and social agency statistics to pass judgment changes in the extent of child abuse and wife abuse, but for several reasons these statistics are not commensurate for estimating actual levels of violence in the family. First, official statistics bundle only the cases of family violence that come to public attention. These are probably only a fraction of the total cases of family violence.Second, official statistics are compiled by organizations and individuals who work in those organizations. These individuals and the units they work in are often influenced by publicity campaigns, public pressure, political pressure, and changes in evidence and federal law. It was not until 1968 that all fifty pass ons had laws mandating reports of child abuse (Straus, Gelles, and Steinmetz 4). Thus, official statistics compiled by the states before 19 68 excogitate differences in official legal attitudes toward child abuse and not the true level of abuse in each of the states (Straus, Gelles, and Steinmetz 4). hitherto today, official statistics vary because each state and each compiler of the statistics in state and local agencies draw on different definitions of child neglect and child abuse. In terms of spouse abuse on the other hand, spouse abuse, few if any agencies have ever bothered to compile statistics on how many wives or husbands batter one another. Although we cannot say definitely whether violence in the American family is on the increase, historical facts argue that family violence certainly is not new and that, probably, we are more violent and perhaps a little less violent toward our own families than were our ancestors. blackguardd women are found in all socioeconomic levels, all educational, and all racial groups (Finkelhor 29). The abused woman has a martyr-like behavior. She is often a long sufferer and over loaded with the demands of others. The abused woman finds it difficult to nurture herself and she feels unappreciated. The abused woman is often employed but is not allowed control of any finances (Finkelhor 29). She does not know how to deal with stress. She can have anxiety attacks. Usually, this type of woman will feel tired and overworked. She does not admit adequate space in her life for breaks.Poor management of time and resources are quite apparent. It is hard for the abused to make life changes. Problem solving is very stressful. The abused accepts indebtedness for the batterers behavior. The battered woman is disjunct and loses contact with her family or friends. She often feels embarrassed about her situation. This type of woman is further isolated because her partner does not want her to give time to friends, neighbors, relatives, or outside activities. He wants all the attention himself. The abused suffers from guilt.He or she may feel that he or she deserves to be b eaten for flunk to live up to the expectations of the abuser. An abused woman is a traditionalist about her role in the home. She potently believes in family unity and has traditional expectations of her husband or as the provider. This type of woman wants to keep the consider of a socially or religiously acceptable marriage. The abused has a low self-esteem and does not feel that he or she has much value. The abused is extremely critical of his or herself and unremarkably of others. He or she does not have a high level of self-preservation.The abused accepts violence in the apprehend that someday the abused violence the abuser will eventually change. The abused believes that he or she caused the resentment and violence. The abused woman usually loves her husband and wants to trust his promises that he will reform, although it rarely happens. The abused could have been emotionally neglected as a child. He or she could have been physically and/or sexually abused as a child or s aw violence in his or her family. He or she could have been abused by a sibling, parent, or a relative. It is difficult for the abused to let out her needs and desires to others.He or she has poor communication skills and has difficulty in being able to express his or her anger. The abused woman has poor communication skills and has difficulty in being able to express her anger. Since the abused woman is unassertive, she can be quite manipulative. She is skilled in the art of complaining. However, her complaints are usually not listened to or resolved by her partner. The abused is usually in denial. He or she will not admit to his or herself that he or she has been physically, emotionally, or sexually abused. The abused may think of each incident as an accident.He or she often gives excuses for the abusers violence. The abused usually rationalizes the incident. The abused woman is usually taught from her childhood to defer power to a male. Much of the time she feels confused and w ill look for someone to help her put her life together. She does not want to take responsibility for making decisions and would rather have someone else make them. Many abused women feel comfortable in taking a complaint position (Finkelhor 29). She has been brought up to believe that women are weak, inferior, and should submit to men in return for financial support.The abused is often depressed. He or she can try to make his or herself less depressed by overdoing things. The abused my turn out to be alcoholic, may overeat, may over exhaust his or herself from work, to name a few. He or she may even contemplate on suicide to end his or her difficult life. Although parents use of violence on children certainly is not new, the addition of the term child abuse to our vocabulary has come about only recently. Child abuse typically refers to acts committed by parents on their children that other members of the society view as inappropriate and harmful.Thus, child abuse depends on histori cally and culturally relative judgments for its meaning. All families have tensions, and all families sometimes resolve these tensions in inappropriate ways. Even the best parents and the most loving couples sometimes lose their tempers, say intentionally painfulness things to one another, raise their voices when arguing, and even lash out at loved ones physically. Many structural factors make families particularly prone to violence. One of these is the amount of time family members spend together, which increases the opportunity for violence.Another factor is that family interactions are often emotional, and so especially volatile. In addition, power differential often exists among family members. Children are subordinate to parents, time-worn parents are subordinate to their adult children, and wives may be subordinate to husbands. The result is that the powerless sometimes become targets of aggression. Further complicating matter is the fact that children, and to some degree, w omen as well cannot fight back. Nor can they always choose with whom they will or will not interact.Whereas many interpersonal conflicts can be resolve manifestly through the dissolution of relationships, family relationships are protected by law and are not so tardily severed. Wives can easily feel trapped by the cultural, legal, and economic constraints of marriage. Children are dependent on their parents. Even when child maltreatment comes to the attention of authorities, states are reluctant to break up families and parents are often granted every opportunity to change. Everyone involved with spousal abuse seems to have feelings of guilt and frustration that manifest themselves as denial or in a pessimistic outlook.Either they cannot do anything about it so they faculty as well ignore it, or they cannot do anything about it by they will pretend they can until someone comes up with a better idea. It appears they are embarrassed by their failure or their apprehension of failu re and so use defense mechanisms to protect themselves from it. Perhaps, this explains the general reluctance to talk about the problem at all, to anyone. Some believe that family members can be expected to lose control from time to time, that parents and spouses sometimes need to blow off steam. They may rationalize that a man who hits his wife is not real violent he just had a bad day at work and lost his temper. Or they many rationalize that a woman is generally a good mother, but her kids were really acting up and she only hit them because she lost control temporarily. Some people believe that such actions are inevitable even natural and are hardly worthy of serious societal reaction. The ludicrous nature of the it just happens justification becomes clear, however, when one recognizes that crazy violence is not so easily dismissed.When one stranger assaults another, we do not allow the assailant to dismiss his actions as a momentary loss of control, a need to blow off stea m, or a reaction to a bad day at work. Nor do we allow the assailant to blame the victim. We are appropriately intolerant of stranger violence. Violence inwardly the family increasingly is identified as profound societal problems that can exert a multitude of brief and long term effects on young people and can take a variety of forms including abuse perpetrated by parents or siblings.Victims of violence are survivors, and they find various ways to help themselves endure the violence until they are able to leave the relationship. The coping strategies they work out enable them to put their feelings on hold so they can deal with the day-to-day challenges of a violent and dangerous life. The most common coping strategy abused people do is denial. Denial enables them to live with what is happening and to avoid feelings of terror and humiliation.Denial can be counterproductive, as they may cause the victim to deny the seriousness of the problem. provoke enables the victim to take sac rosanct action in an emergency. Nightmares provide a way to experience strong feelings of fear, anger, panic, and shame the abused may not be able to share with anyone else or even allow him or herself to feel. The emotional impact on children who witness domestic violence done to other people can be significant, particularly when their parents or recognized authority are the ones involved.Moreover, the emotional impact on children is also great when the violence takes places inside the home where children are supposed to be kept apart from harm. When children find themselves in a hopeless situation, they can also be harmed regardless of whether or not they are the ones directly abused in the situation (Helfer, Kempe, and Krugman 3). Many times, the effects of domestic violence are intensified when the children think they can no longer expect support coming from their parents or caregivers. They in like manner struggle with feelings of fault and guilt.It is crucial to acknowledge that the impact on the child bearing witness to domestic violence can be controlled by a several factors, such as support from concerned adults as well as effective treatment to address their problems. In the vast majority of families, women are the primary caretakers of children. Therefore, the battering of mothers affects children in myriad of ways. Children who witness violence against their mothers are at considerable risk physically, psychologically, and emotionally. These children face two fold threats. One of which is the threat of physical abuse.The other is the threat of bearing witness to a traumatic incident happening inside their home. Children living inside a violent home are also at risk of being harmed. They may be traumatized witnessing their mother being attacked while both of them are left without aid. Consequently, these children may lay the blame on themselves for not being able to do something about the problem. Furthermore, these children may be abused or negle cted themselves. Women who have been battered repeatedly are sometimes unable to respond psychologically to their children.They may display the following behaviors unresponsiveness to the childs emotional needs, passive rejection of the child, detachment or lack of involvement with the child, interaction with the child only when necessary, no display of pleasure when interacting with the child, lack of positive response to the childs attempts to elicit interaction, poor ability to comfort the child at times of distress, no sharing in the positive experience of the child, withdrawn affect, no display of emotion, or depression, and an inability to derive pleasure or satisfaction from a relationship with the child (Wilson 32).Children living inside violent homes may be indirectly harmed themselves. These children may be struck by thrown objects or weapons. Babies may suffer injuries in the event that the mother is retention the baby at a time the assault takes place. In other cases, c hildren may receive injuries while they try to protect their mother from harm. Many fathers unintentionally inflict harm on their children while throwing objects while assaulting their wives. The care, affection, and love they deserve are not given to children living inside violent homes. The trust of an abused child towards a violent parent is impaired in the process.Moreover, violence toward a child by a parent often serves to disrupt the development of child-parent attachment. The aggressive family tends to live in an environment that fails to provide the children with appropriate opportunities for or models of socialization or bonding. It is not surprising that children who are victims of family violence often have impaired social relations. Children have been subjected to differing types of maltreatment throughout history, and these atrocities are well documented (Utech 37). For centuries, society has condoned infanticide, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and the exploitation of c hildrens labor.The prevalence of child maltreatment has endured throughout time and has cultivated unyielding legacies that have shaped societal response to child abuse. Those legacies include the tenet that children are the property of their parents and expandible as well. These traditions contributed to the slow societal response n defining and responding to child abuse. In addition, society has suffered from a denial of the problems existence and prevalence. Child abuse is a complex, disturbing concern that, even though prevalent in underprivileged families, crosses all sectors of society (Helfer, Kempe, and Krugman 3).The human as well as fiscal costs of abuse in America are huge. It is highly possible that billions of dollars are used in social service and treatment costs and lost in reduced productivity for a generation of abused children. 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